Weekend Deals

This Rolling Stones graphic tee is something that will be in my wardrobe years from now. Leather skirts, high waist trousers, boyfriend jeans – it works with EVERYTHING!

I’m loving big statement earrings these days. These gold half moon earrings are stunning!

Express has this version of a Chloe bag and it’s so nice! Love the gold chain and suede detailing.

These lace-up leather pumps are similar to a Christian Louboutin pair and are under $65!

The new “A New Day” line at Target has so many cute items! I’m loving these pink suede mules, and these statement earrings!

These black high waist trousers would be perfect for work or girls night out + they’re under $25.

I’m starting to get away from really tight skinny jeans and get more into boyfriend jeans. These are the perfect pair and are $20.

The checkered detail on the side of these black pants are is so cute! Romwe for the win at only $16.99.

This velvet floral kimono is the perfect piece for a versatile wardrobe. It can be worn over jeans and a blouse, open over a dress, or even tied all by itself. Yes plaese!

I have this knotted back sweater in wine and found it for $40 less expensive in gray. Winning!

A black satin cami is a great staple to have to wear under blazers or jackets, or even cardigans for work.

I’m loving Express denim! This pair is perfect for everyday wear.

A sexy white backless one-piece for your next vacation.

How cute are these peach colored trousers? Definitely a look if you add a bralette and blazer.

Now’s the perfect time to stock up on booties for next year, so this red suede pair is on its way to me.

You’ve gotta love a bodysuit you can wear year long. This paneled one is perfect for a pencil skirt, denim or leather pants.

Winter may be coming to an end but I’m not over sweater dresses yet, especially one I can bring into spring with sneakers.

Valentines Day Outfit Inspo

I understand Valentines Day isn’t a major holiday for a lot of lovers, but I do believe that any excuse to be intentionally sweet or sexy for your significant other is a good occasion. I probably won’t be celebrating next Wednesday night because ya girl has a 10 pm bedtime, but I do plan to do a nice date night that weekend. Whether you’re going out, staying in, or celebrating with your girl friends – here are some super cute Valentines Day options!

Sam Edelman Pom Pom Pumps, also come in red | Red Lacey Bodysuit | White Mesh Panel Midi Dress | Pink Floral Romper | Rose Gold High Heel | Urban Decay Nude Eyeshadow Palette | Black Mesh Teddy | Pink Waffle Knit Tulip Top | Red Ruffled Bodysuit | White Long Sleeve Open Back Dress | Two Perfect NARS Lip Shades | Pink Cold Shoulder Long Sleeve Dress | Love Me Tee | Black Asymmetrical Midi Dress | Pink Bow-Back Blouse | Red Wide Leg Romper | Red Bell Sleeve Tie-Up Shirt | Pink Caged Bralette and Matching Panties | Magenta Romper | Steve Madden Red Heel | Pink Tassled Earrings | Red Tassled Long Sleeve Midi

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him

As much as I love to give gifts, I’m really beginning to despise these gifting holidays. Nate’s birthday is December 1st, then Christmas 24 days later – now Valentines Day! If I didn’t know any better I’d say that boy was spoiled LOL. I’m leaning towards getting him a denim jacket with a few custom patches, or something unique like these coasters or a “What I love about you” book. We like to believe that Valentines Day is meant for us ladies, but it’s always a sweet gesture to gift your boo with something as well. Here are some gift options for your valentine below –

Hershel Duffle Bag | Nike Windbreaker | Ray Bans | Burberry Card Holder | A Classic Chanel Cologne | Brown Leather and Rose Gold Watch | Hey Handsome Shave Kit | Hubby Sweatshirt | New Belt | Retro 1 Air Jordan | Personalized Cuff Links | Instant Espresso Maker | Fuji Film Camera | Ussie Book | Apple Watch | Engraved Necklace | Ferragamo Slides | Customized Jewelry and Watch Box | Stamp Map

Weekend Deals

Weekend Deals | The B Werd

Missguided is offering 40% off of orders over $100.

This. Blazer. Is. So. Bomb! A gray checkered a-symetrical beauty that is sure to be a staple in your closet.

I’ve been seeing these belt bags all over and love the pattern of this one, especially for under $30.

Now that it’s on sale, this embellished moto jacket is a must-have!

Wishing I was back in Cuba just so I could wear this mustard dress.

Hands down my most-worn pair of designer denim is on sale for under $100.

I didn’t know Celine Dion made bags but I’m in LOVE with both options of this one.

I have to have this button down henley dress. It’s perfect to pair with sneakers or under a leather jacket.

The end of winter is the perfect time to buy jackets for next year + this suede moto is one you’ll wear over and over.

Wear this longline cape to your next runway, birthday, or corporate event. It’s SO fab!

This PJ set is so cute! The perfect gift for a girlfriend.

ASOS has a ton of really cute shoes on sale, like these OTK boots and these barely there heels.

I’m loving this gray skater jacket. It’d be perfect over jeans or a skirt!

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Coffee Talk | Th B Werd

I am planning on celebrating my dirty 30 in Cancun, Mexico in February and have absolutely no idea where to start in finding outfits. I always dress casual mainly because I enjoy being comfortable, but I’m looking to try and shake things up a bit. Also, I’m not sure if you’ve been to Cancun but I’m going to assume you most likely have been or are familiar. Do you have any excursions, restaurants, or destinations you suggest to visit? 

Ironically, I’ve only been to Cancun for their airport and to pick up my passport when I lost it (read more about that here). What I do know is that it has the most beautiful blue water and is what I call the Mexico of Vegas – a long strip of stores, bars, restaurants and hotels so you won’t have any trouble finding things to do. You can still be comfortable and Mexico appropriate! Simple maxi dresses are typically pretty inexpensive and can easily be dressed up or down. You can wear a cute romper out at night or to dinner with sandals, or even this super soft open back jumpsuit. Breezy off the shoulder dresses are perfect for the daytime and you can easily dress your swimsuits up by adding a fun sarong. I also always pack a pair of denim cut-off’s to pair with my bathing suit tops or fun blouses. All these items will still keep you comfy without you feeling like you’re in your pajamas. Enjoy Cancun and happy early birthday!

I was wondering where you go to find affordable “every day” clothes? I’m all for spending more money on my jeans, shoes, coats & purses but for some reason have the hardest time pulling the trigger on loungewear and blouses/tops more than $45. I just see how trends are always changing and I cheap out. Do you have this problem?

Yes! I’ll pick up a blouse for $80 at Zara and literally frown my face up LOL. If I know I’m going to be able to mix-and-match it as well as wear it for the next few years, I’ll bring it home with me. When it comes to basics, I typically shop at the same handful of stores, Forever21, Target, Nordstrom, Missguided, Revolve, Express and ASOS. My strategy for making sure I don’t go purchase crazy at any of these is to sort whatever I’m looking for by price, high to low, and see how many cute pieces I can find under $50. When I hit my limit I check out and call it a day.

When building a brand and capturing your audience, you have noted in prior posts to leverage your current following (i.e. Instagram) versus creating a whole new social media platform. This advice has helped me personally while creating a following organically. But let’s say you are a jack (or jill) of more than one trade. While your respective niches may overlap each other, is there a good time to separate your instagram pages?  For example, if someone wants to highlight more of their own photography skills versus their killer fashion – should they think about creating a social media page just for one or the other?

Multiple Instagram pages can really be more hurtful than helpful because it can already be so incredibly time consuming to run even one page – but I can certainly see why it’s necessary. If you are not your brand, and your brands have their own identity, I’d certainly split them up. You have to be very strategic about who you attract to where. If I love fashion and grow a following of fashion-lovers, they won’t like when I start talking about photography out of the blue – and potential followers who are into photography won’t know that I love photography by looking at a page full of photos where I’m dressed up in the middle of the street. Before I even had a blog, I still loved what I built my brand around, dressing well, traveling and business – so my followers weren’t surprised when I took it up a notch. Statistics prove that followers don’t like change, so put specifics in front of who you know will enjoy it.

I’m getting engagement photos taken in Dallas at the end of March or beginning of April. I would love to do a long dress and am open to any suggestions you have!

Ahhh, congratulations! I still haven’t gotten around to taking engagement photos but know for sure I want a fancy dressed up shoot. Here are some gorgeous options!

How do I discover my calling or my potential if I don’t really know myself yet?

“Knowing ourselves” is all relative to where we are in our life. We know ourselves as we are today, and may be so much more tomorrow. I felt like I “knew myself” at 21, and rediscovered myself at 23, and it seems like again every year after that. We’re constantly evolving but the best way to get to know the woman that you are today is to spend a lot of time alone with her figuring her out. What does she really want? What does she like to do when she has free time? What does she long for when she’s all alone? What does her perfect life look like? The sooner you get honest with yourself, the sooner you’ll start to learn more of who you are.

I love that you always wear a watch. I’m looking to add some to my wardrobe, hopefully under $200 if possible! Any options? 

I literally feel naked without one. Here’s a round-up of some I love that can easily be worn everyday –

As someone who just received their masters last May and has started her first professional position, how do you exude the confidence when sharing your expertise with others as well as navigating new cultures?

I watched a Ted Talk years ago on how our body language speaks before we do and it really helped me with my mannerisms at work; particularly because I work mostly with men. Try changing your posture, where you put your hands and how you sit and see how differently it makes you feel. What reasoning do you have to feel anything but confident? You’ve got the education and the degree to prove you know what you’re talking about. Confidence comes with trusting yourself.

I’m currently planning my 25th birthday trip slated for early August and I wanted some suggestions for a great destination for a girls trip. I prefer something in the Caribbean or Central America. My main priorities are safety, nightlife, and excursions and activities. 

I’m going to tell you like I tell everyone else, GO TO MEXICO! LOL Mexico is my favorite place on earth, if I could visit four times a year, I would. It’s close (I hate going places that take me too long to get there), inexpensive and there are so many locations to choose from. I’ve been to Playa Del Carmen multiple times, Tulum and Cabo San Lucas twice. I’d also recommend are Costa Rica. A group of 10 of us went and we had back-to-back fun. The food was DELICIOUS! Montego Bay was one of my favorite trips last year. Jamaica is such a feel good place. If you haven’t been to Cuba, that’s also a great option. The culture is rich and there’s so much to see and do. The Dominican Republic and Barbados were both beautiful, but aren’t anywhere I care to go back to. There wasn’t much to do outside of the beach. Other people enjoy Belize, but I personally did not so I wouldn’t suggest you go there. I traveled to all of these places with women, had a great time in each and believe me, they will offer you a million things to do if you’re a tourist so excursions wouldn’t be my concern. Enjoy your birthday!

Going to Cabo for a long weekend in 2 weeks. Any cute swimsuit, daytime or dinner outfits you’ve seen? I pretty need help with everything LOL

I love Cabo! It’s a place where you can be super dressy and barefoot all at once. Here are some options worth packing!

I’m looking for black or nude date night heels that can be worn all night (I like to dance!) under $150.

I feel your pain LOL. All of these shoes come in both nude and black and are pretty comfortable. Heel height is going to be your preference but I have no complaints about any of these brands or styles. I hope this helps!

Do you have any vacations lined up for 2018? I love how your trips always brighten up your feed!

We were planning to go to Europe for my birthday since I’ve been obsessed with it since my trip to Italy, but I decided against it because weddings are expensive as hell and we don’t need to blow money right now lol. I’m trying my best to make good grown up decisions since I’m not a “single” woman who only has to worry about herself anymore. We’re taking a quick beach trip for my birthday and going to a wedding in Mexico in May – but that’s about it!

A lot of questions this week, whew! Thank you guys for sending them in! Send any questions you want answered for next week to info@thebwerd.com or comment down below. I’m gonna spend my weekend touring wedding venues and wrapping up recordings for my upcoming e-course, fun stuff LOL. You guys have a great weekend! xx