Weekend Deals

Weekend Deals | The B Werd

These black studded over-the-knee boots are so cute! I wish Winter in Houston lasted longer than 30 days.

This oversized knit midi dress would be perfect over a peacoat with boots.

I’ll never buy Ruby Woo again thanks to this NYX Matte shade.

I love these striped wide-leg pants!

H&M jeans fit me so well and are so inexpensive. I just picked this pair up in-store.

I live in turtlenecks when it’s colder. This one has lace arms I can’t get over.

A chic white button-up blazer from Forever21 so $32.

Steve Madden taupe sock booties for only $53 are my perfect pair of shoes LOL.

Have y’all gotten familiar with Quay sunglasses? I’m on my second pair.

The brim on this fedora is perfection. Considering splurging on it!

Save 20% at Macy’s using code “SAVEBIG”. I got these Jessica Simpson booties for $80.

A brown shaded camo jacket on sale for $40.

Saks is having a sale! Up to 40% and no code required.

Nordstrom is also having a sale with some reallllly good items like this French Connection turtleneck dress and these black Topshop jeans.

Baublebar has 20% off this weekend so I went ahead and ordered this chunky necklace I’d been eyeing.

This self-tie top is so my style, especially the way the model’s wearing it.

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Coffee Talk | The B Werd

I love how you and your fiancé support each other. Whats his profession? How do y’all balance work and time together? I love your blog!

Thank you! My fiance is in oil and gas, and also owns his own company. Technically, all of our time together is our time together, even if I’m working. We both work hard, so sometimes balance for us is sitting next to each other in bed with our laptops. I had a vision for my brand and life before him and I got together, so it’s important that I still put the work in to fulfill that and luckily, he understands and supports that. I also try to make sure I carve out time to spend distraction-free time with him. It may not be a lot of time or often enough, but he’s pretty low maintenance with his requirements so it works for us.

I’m traveling to Spain soon and would like to capture some great moments for my travel blog, but I’m struggling with the concept of showcasing my experience in a way that resonates with others. On my most recent trip I found myself trying to document every exciting moment thinking that’s what a travel blogger does, but it’s so draining! I’m really used to emerging myself on a trip and only taking pictures after the moment if I feel like it. This time around I want to be able to capture many great moments without losing the excitement for the trip. Can you recommend any tips for blogging while traveling?

Draining is such an appropriate word when it comes to blogging, especially when you’re trying to force things that aren’t your normal routine. I too have taken many vacations where I’ve gotten wrapped up in just enjoying myself, or had one too many drinks before I got around to taking photos and I always regret not having them after the fact. I think there’s a way to balance enjoyment and “work” when traveling. One thing I do when I’m on a trip is get photos out of the way early. As soon as I’m out of my AirBNB or hotel, I will start snapping. Whether it’s photos of myself, the surroundings or locals, I get it out of the way. Get your work done first and then enjoy yourself. If my plan that day is to explore a cave, I think of the best way to visually share that experience. In my mind, I would’ve already known I wanted a photo before entering the cave, maybe 2-3 inside and one of the view when I’m done. You don’t have to spend every minute of your trip taking photos, just put together an idea of what a visually appealing travel blog will look like and take those kind of photos.

I just want to start off by saying you are such an inspiration with everything you are doing. I came across your page from a friend and I am so glad that I did. I am a 25 year old stay at home mom and just getting back into school to finish getting my degree. At the same time that I started following your IG page, I was just thinking about changing my degree from Communications: Public Relations, to Nursing because I was a little afraid of not being able to have a very successful career in PR and be able to live how I wanted and  provide for my family. But after seeing how you have actually made a successful career in the field, I’ve decided to continue on with my Communications degree. I would just love to know more about what you do and the steps you took to get there.

Ah, thank you so much! It makes me so happy to hear that I’ve inspired you to stick with your plan in Communications. Public Relations is not a job that starts out paying well, so I understand your concerns. Know that success is relative. My job is fun and enjoyable, but I would not say that I’ve reached what I call career success just yet. Communication is something that most major corporate companies need, so don’t feel limited to only apply for PR jobs. I work for an engineering firm and my job is to keep my company in front of the public and make the clients that give us work happy. To make it simple, a lot of writing and a lot of events. A lot of running around and a lot of smiling. I had one internship while in college and used what I learned there to leverage the position I landed after college. Experience is going to be the best way to prove you’re fit for the job you want, so try and get as much of it now as you can.

I want to start a blog. I know what I would like the content to be about, however I don’t know where to begin or what should be my first step. HELP!

Your first few steps would be to 1) think of a blog name that fits well with what you plan to talk about 2) secure it as a domain name [a .com or .net, etc.] through GoDaddy.com or Bluehost.com 3) build a blog through WordPress, Wix or Square 3) begin creating content and then 4) promote your blog on social media. People over complicate the process and when it’s not very difficult at all to get started. Don’t hold yourself up because you don’t know where to start, none of us did! The most important part, is that we just get started.

I’m attending a work conference in a few weeks and am looking for some modest professional wear to last me a few days. Can you help me please?

Conferences can be tricky because you never really know what people will be doing until you arrive, but here are some safe statement items that you can mix and match and even add to your wardrobe once you’re back home. These should last you!

I’ve been following your blog for a while, and I truly love it. Your voice feels authentic, and I enjoy your perspective and hustle. I’m preparing to launch my blog in a month, and I think the hardest part thus far has been the technical jargon upon jargon. You purchase a service to help with another service and you’re learning the how-to’s for your how-to’s! Lol. Could you recommend some services or resources you’ve utilized to manage your social media, secure your sites, or just overall prepare you for blogging and growing your craft? Furthermore, please keep the content coming! It’s very refreshing and helpful.

Ah, I completely feel your pain – especially because I wasn’t any sort of web developer. My advice would be to start with the complete basics. A domain name, a web host and a pre-made blog template. Your web host should provide you with site security. The only additions I truly feel are necessary in the beginning are downloaded plugins such as web analytics, since you’ll need those numbers to apply for any sort of collaboration opportunities.

I was recently invited to attend “Diner en Blanc” this year, very exciting! But, I’m having trouble finding a white ensemble that will be good to wear. The event is outside, but in Houston who knows what the weather will be like in mid November?!? Can you help me with some options? I am also a petite girl, with a similar shape to yours, if that helps! 
I’ve never attended Diner en Blanc because big crowds give me anxiety LOL but it looks like a ton of fun! I’d probably opt for something like high waisted wide leg trousers with a lace top and a blazer that can be removed if it’s too warm. A white dress would also be cute, and you can bring a light colored faux fur in case it is cold. If you’re wanting to be more casual, a white statement blouse with denim. Here are some options below –

I have a business gala coming up in Mid November and I’ve had a lot of trouble finding a gown. I’m looking for something black and sexy, but formal enough to be around my peers. Please help!

This’ll be easy! Lol There’s nothing wrong with maintaining your sense of style even in professional settings. Here are some classic black options for you –

What’s your “why” behind being an entrepreneur and working for yourself?

I personally always wanted to work in an office building, although I’ve always had the mind of an entrepreneur. You can read more about my first entrepreneurial post here. I would daydream about being in a powerful position for a corporate company in a corner office. It wasn’t until I actually got into a corporate position that I realized how limiting it really was. As much as I like the power behind corporations, the power it had over how much money I was able to make did not sit well with me. My “why” behind working for myself is because there is no ceiling for what I can make, build or go. I’m on my own timeline for success. I can give myself a pay raise at any time if I want to without waiting on a review from a manager. When you’re an entrepreneur, you’re building for yourself and not anyone else. It’s the most rewarding thing I’ve felt thus far.

When do you know that you’re ready to start monetizing your blog? At what point do you know your caliber of work is worth getting paid for?

You’re ready to start monetizing your blog as soon as you have the power to influence someone else’s life. Whether you’re helping them grow their natural hair out, attain their goals or feel more stylish. If you’re adding value to your readers, you’re ready. Bloggers are notorious for accepting less than what they’re worth because they feel uncomfortable asking for anything outrageous. Know that you will burn yourself out if you decide to offer a service for $19 or agree to a do an extensive collaborations for $100 at a time. You’ll learn early on that your time truly is worth money, especially when you’re producing quality work. I got tired of people picking my brain for free so I told the next person who asked that if they wanted to talk it would be $150 an hour… but the person agreed. That’s when I knew I should’ve been charging for something I was continuously doing for free.

Thank you for all of the Coffee Talk questions! If I didn’t get to you this week, I will next week for sure. Comment below with any questions for next go ’round or send them via DM. Homecoming is this weekend so I plan to have a great time. Have a great weekend!

Weekend Deals

Weekend Deals | The B Werd

Target has a really cute dupe of these Chloe booties for only $38. I tried some on in-store and they’re so comfy!

The perfect silk + lace cami to go under a cardigan or blazer this Fall.

I picked this cream asymmetrical sweater up in Target and loved how unique but versatile it was. Only $30!

Faux fur is the simplest way to transform any outfit from regular to chic, so this navy coat is currently in my cart.  I’m also drooling over this cream colored faux fur vest!

I splurged on this trench almost three years ago and it was worth every penny. I guess that’s why it’s restocked every Winter.

This off the shoulder jumpsuit is perfect for a celebration. Love the win color too.

Macy’s has an extra 20% off all items with code “BDAY”, which is perfect because they’ve got some really cute boots.

I’m convinced that every woman needs a gray blazer with a checkered pattern in her wardrobe. This H&M one is only $40.

Lace is timeless! This midi dress can be worn to a wedding, date night or girls night out.

A ruffle dress you can rotate in your wardrobe the next few years for under $30.

This oversized denim jacket is very similar to the one I had on in this post for under $60.

I plan on on getting back to my early morning workout routines, so these Adidas running shoes are necessary.

Statement cardigans are my go-to when it’s colder because I can put them on over anything and still feel cute. This color block cardigan is the perfect addition.

Missguided has 50% off 4 or more items with code “BABESPREE”.

A metallic pleated midi skirt that I know will come in handy during the holiday season. It can be paired with a bodysuit, turtleneck, or crisp button down.

The perfect date night dress for $70.

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My Fall Style Favorites

My Fall Style Favorites | The B Werd

If I could buy a new wardrobe to accommodate every season, I absolutely would. I started preparing for Fall with all of the end of Summer sales that took place and I’m trying not to splurge during the last quarter of the year because………. Wedding planning. By the way, coming up with an expense guideline with your significant other is CHALLENGING! Why didn’t y’all tell me?! I have a few packages coming in the mail that I feel will last me, and my eye on a ton of other transitional pieces. The gift of being in the south for colder months is that you don’t need much to maintain, the curse is… you have about three days to wear your favorite boots so you better take advantage of every cold front. Here’s a round-up of the trends I’m loving for the Fall –

Weekend Deals

Weekend Deals | The B Werd

Olive is one of my favorite colors to wear in the Fall and this belted duster is only $30 and also comes in navy. Easy to throw on over a sweater dress or jeans.

I’ve been wanting a pair of Adidas NMD’s and this white and a pink pair is getting added to my collection. Girly and sporty, just like me.

The perfect floral jacquard jacket for Fall.

A classic camel colored trench needs to be in every woman’s wardrobe.

How cute is this polka dot tie-up shirt? I love exactly how it’s styled in the photo, with a wool fedora.

Being in Europe has me wanting to change my entire wardrobe. Every girl had on peg pants like these with Stan Smiths.

I wasn’t too crazy about the items that I ordered from PrettyLittleThings but this dress was one item that I plan to keep. The frill detail is so girly.

A $12 black satin duster. Can’t beat that.

This white tank dress has me wishing that Summer would stay.

This twisted-back chunky sweater is a staple and under $20.

I need an event to wear this black fringe dress to. I love a simple statement. This off the shoulder dress is a good pick too.

You will see me in this yellow romper on my next tropical vacation.

H&M has some really good overalls. This pair and this pair are both worth a purchase.

I was looking for the perfect pair of black suede over the knee boots. I ordered this pair and this pair and will decide which I like better once I try them on.

I originally ordered this dress to wear to work but have worn it to date night and girls night out. You know I love versatility.

This underwire corset bodysuit is so sexy and would go perfect under a blazer with denim.

I bought these jeans as soon as I got back from Europe. I’m telling y’all, oversized is so chic!

This is a gorgeous caged maxi dress. It reminds me of a Grecian goddess, perfect for a beach vacation.

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