Monday Motivation


“The best way to predict the future, is to create it.” Abraham Lincoln

It’s been a whole seven days since the launch of The B Werd and I want to take a moment to say: wow, thank you! The support and excitement that you all have shared with me has been unimaginable and I’m even more inspired than I was before. It’s incredibly bittersweet to know that many of you have been looking forward to me bringing this to fruition since I mentioned it years ago. I’m excited about exchanging some great ideas and anything else a bomb young lady might need in order to tackle her 20’s.

I’ve never been a woman who dreaded Mondays, but I do understand why their redundancy can become lackluster. I’ll assume that if you’re reading The B Werd, you woke up early this Monday morning to get to work; whether for yourself or for a corporation. Or maybe you’re headed to campus to handle some schoolwork. I’ll also assume that you have aspirations you’ve yet to pursue and many ideas in your head that have yet to come full circle. The last thing that I want for you as a fearless, ambitious, talented woman is for every day of your life to feel like a dreadful Monday morning. And if you don’t pin down what it is that’s going to fulfill you and take a single step towards it, that could be a strong possibility.

We get stuck in routines and hold ourselves up. We don’t want to go the extra mile or wake up an hour earlier. One of the most courageous things you can do is identify yourself. “Know who you are, what you believe in and where you want to go.” I consider Monday’s fresh starts. The beginning of a new week that’s full of possibilities. Seven days to shift your attitude, to make a to-do list and run through it. Seven days to plant something and watch it grow – just like this blog. If you haven’t done anything else tonight when you lay down to go to bed, dwell on these three things – 1) who are you? 2) what do you believe in? 3) where do you want to go? Write it down and then create it. Just like so many of you believe in me, people believe in you. Just like many of you were waiting on me to get going, people are waiting on you. When it’s all said and done, make sure you keep the promises you made to yourself and find a reason to fall in love with Monday’s again.

Here’s to the first Monday of the rest of your life, xx.

Double Breasted Trench | Style Guide

When I was younger my Meemaw would buy my sister and me London Fog trench coats every winter so naturally, I have a keen liking for the classic touch they add to any outfit. There’s an element of sophistication that a double breasted trench in any neutral color provides to create a simple statement.

Topshop Olive Green Trench Coat Fall Fashion

I’ve been so anxious to wear this but Houston doesn’t have much of a winter. When the temperature dropped into the 60’s, I took it as the perfect opportunity to throw this on over denim and a long sleeve ribbed crew-neck. To be honest, even if  it wouldn’t have cooled off I would’ve forced myself to thug it out in 80 degree weather. This particular oversized coat has more of a masculine cargo feel to it so I prefer it with a more casual look, as opposed to anything dainty like a dress or skirt. I can even pair it with yoga pants and running shoes if I want to fool people into thinking that I’m any type of athletic. By the way, orange + olive is forever my go-to combo.

Topshop Olive Green Trench Coat Fall FashionTopshop Olive Green Trench Coat Fall FashionTopshop Olive Green Trench Coat Fall Fashion

Trench | Denim | Booties | Shades (Found on MAJOR sale) | Lip

What 2015 Taught Me

2015 Taught Me

“Take chances, take a lot of them. Because honestly, no matter where you end up and with whom, it will always end up just the way it should be. Your mistakes make you who you are. You learn and grow with each choice you make. Everything is worth it. Say how you feel, always. Be you and be okay with it.”

As each year passes we change as individuals and learn a few things to benefit us in the upcoming year. 2015 was a piece of cake for me because of these lessons learned below –

Don’t force things that don’t fit – I struggled with this off-and-on. I wanted to hold onto people that I thought were for me, and wanted to convince myself that I could make people that I knew weren’t for me become such. I don’t like to admit but here it is… I always want to get my way and want everything to go the way I want it to, when I want it to. And while I’ve done a pretty good job of mapping out my life the way that I saw it fit, I realize there are things that won’t happen at the snap of my fingers. We often psych ourselves out so we can find ways to make sense of things that we know don’t add up. Anything meant to be is not that complicated. Be honest with yourself. Do your part and let things flow because at the end of the day, we can only control so much. Fate doesn’t require much work from us, it just requires us to allow it to happen. Keep it simple, things have an incredible way of working themselves out.

Enjoy the process – I legitimately get anxiety at the thought of turning 26 in a little over a month. Chances are you’re not where you thought you’d be by this time in your life. Guess what? You will live! Everything happens in its own perfect timing, so as long as you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing in order to get where you want to be, sit back and enjoy your daily progression. I truly believe we don’t receive things that we desire until we’re ready for them. The time you’re allowed in between is the perfect phase to prepare for what plan to obtain.

You’ve got it really, really good – I’ve made it a point to stop myself from complaining. Naturally, it’s easy to want to upgrade my BMW since I’ve finished paying on it, or wish I had a million dollars in savings but for what? Realistically, I have so much more than what I need and that in itself is a blessing. I have the freedom and the flexibility to do the things I want, create new memories and live incredibly comfortable. My mantra moving forward is “pray for what you need and work for what you want”.

If you find yourself bored, go and explore – There is no better time than now. When I say explore, I mean something outside of your daily routine. I spent about 5 months this year traveling nonstop with my friends. I visited with family I hadn’t seen in years and went down memory lane. I forced my antisocial self to get out of the house when I didn’t necessarily want to and was enlightened because of it. Do something different, it will always work out in your favor.

Just get started! – If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives. Whatever you’ve been thinking of wanting to do, learn or try, just get started! I’ve had a thousand good ideas that I never got around to executing because I like to see the end in the beginning. For example, this blog.  So, I’m taking my own advice and just getting started. Create a plan and run with it, even if you have to make edits along the way. Commitment and consistency are key to anything you wish to succeed in doing. If it were easy, wouldn’t everyone be doing great things? Trust me when I say, you can’t half ass what you want to see results in. Every day you wait to get going is a day you put yourself behind schedule.

Girl, calm down. – It’s not that serious. It’s not that deep. It will pass just as quickly as it came, so just relax. I’m known to have a very short fuse when it comes to things that make me go off. If something rubs me the wrong way, I try to sleep on it and if I’m still bothered the next day then I’ll address it. This gives me enough time to evaluate whether or not it’s even worth the energy. Chances are it’s probably not and I thank myself for not letting it take up more space than it needed to.

Whatever happened over the past year, be thankful for where it brought you. Where you are is exactly where you’re meant to be. I hope this year you manifest the life you want to live. Here’s to the 2016 of your dreams!

Here We Go…

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.” – Jordan Belfort


I received a book for my 25th birthday that talks about our gifts. Our God-given gifts that should be shared. It mentioned in the opening chapter how we never truly feel fulfilled unless we nurture our gifts and how doing so is the key to abundance, opportunity, health and wealth.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had the gift of gab. I would feel inspired easily and often and would achieve these tiny moments of enlightenment from things as small as a quick conversation with a stranger, to gazing at the stars in the sky. I’ve always had a natural ingenuity with words and after 25 years, I’m confident in saying that my gift is to make people think.

The B Werd has been a thought in my head for years now and if I could’ve snapped my fingers and had the entire thing rolling, I would’ve done it long ago. Expression for me is something I’m tied to and I hope that my words turn on a tiny light bulb in your head to spark a thought, experience or change.

I’m undeniably a fan of women like myself. Women who are driven, outspoken, and experienced. Women who trust themselves and are confident in who they are. Those are the kind of women that The B Werd is for. The things you’ll read about over the course of this blog will highlight all the other B-words that women exude – such as beautiful, benevolent, brave and bold.

Over the course of the last couple of years I’ve experienced what has finally felt like “real life” for me. That included a series of accomplishments such as graduating and starting my career, some lessons in love and relationships, unforgettable adventures and a boundless admiration for the young woman that I’ve become. Inevitably, with all things new and exciting in my life, I still housed a feeling of dissatisfaction. What was I missing? Well, I wasn’t utilizing my gift.

So with that being said ladies, let’s talk.