Faux Fur | Style Guide

“You cannot fake chic but you can be chic and fake fur” – Karl Lagerfield


Winter has basically come and gone for me and I’m totally OK with that. I look forward to weekends where I can wear my winter clothes without necessarily having to worry about staying warm.

This particular day I explored a Hindu temple which was so beautiful. The detail alone was enough to keep me occupied. Overall the space is pretty large and offers a lot to see. They have a place of worship, an exhibition and a souvenir shop so it makes for a nice afternoon if you live in Houston.

imageimage I purchased this vest from Anthropologie last winter and since then I’ve worn it a handful of times. You can’t tell me a fur, faux or not doesn’t make you feel fancy! I’ve paired this particular vest with midi dresses, pencil skirts and bodysuits as well as denim and flats. I’m saying all that to say, if you purchase one you won’t regret it and the plus side is, a lot of them are on sale now that Spring is almost here.

imageI get questions about these booties every time I wear them. For me, they’re the perfect height along with the perfect amount of comfort. I can wear them all day without complaining. These pants were a recent purchase and I love the zipper detail on them. They run true to size and although they’re on the pricey side, the quality is great and Revolve offers 10% off your first purchase if you sign up for their newsletter.


Denim | Turtleneck | Vest; Similar here, here and here but I really like this one | Booties | Clutch

Photos by: @FarranManuel

Monday Motivation | There’s No Such Thing as No

image“If you want it badly enough, and are willing to make some changes in your life to cause it to happen, you too can take over the world.. or do anything else you really want to do. Yes, you really can have it all. The only things you’ll need to give up are the assumptions, expectations, and the comfort zone that holds you back from greatness.”

Some of my earliest child memories include me being unbelievably outspoken, incredibly hard-headed and extremely compelled to live life on my own terms. To my surprise, not much has changed over the last 25 years. I have never been the type of girl who likes being told what to do. It’s so bad that I could even be about to lift the lid on the trash can to take the bag out, but my mom would say “take the trash out” and suddenly, I don’t want to and damn near physically can’t because she told me to. I want to do things my way, as I see fit and while there are a handful of negatives that come along with that, it’s been beneficial to the life I’ve built for myself.

Do you guys remember those candy bins at grocery stores growing up? The ones you take a piece of candy out of and had what seemed like an optional slot to put coins in? Well, when I was maybe 6, I asked my dad if I could have a piece of candy out of one of those bins and he told me no, so I took one. While he was unloading groceries I walked into the kitchen and pulled it out of my pocket saying “Daddy! Look what I found!”. Subconsciously, that was my way of saying “you told me I couldn’t have it but look at me now! I’ve got it”, even though the reality was that I stole it. I still remember the look on my dad’s face when he turned around and I was holding up that candy like a prize, appalled at how bold I was. Believe me, I paid for that piece of candy in more ways than one but that was my first time actually realizing that I don’t believe in “no”.

There’s no such thing as no to me and there should be no such thing as no to you. Maybe “not right now” but never “no”. Do I work for myself? Not right now. Can I whisk five of my closest friends off to Ibiza to enjoy a day of yachting and champagne? Do I have a custom closet? Not right now. You have to have the audacity to chase what you desire, you have to have the willingness to take bold risks. In this life, we can have whatever we want, of course when we go about the correct way of attaining it and not stealing it from a grocery store. Every now and then people finally realize that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told to. No matter what you’ve been told, no matter what has happened to you, no matter what mistakes you’ve made, you can change the way you live every day of your life. Practice removing words like “no”, “can’t”, and “won’t”. Yes, you can and you will.

Have a great week, xx.

side note: I will now be answering any and every question you guys have on a “Coffee Talk” posts, so submit them via thebwerdblog@gmail.com

Get Away | Baggage on a Budget


Since I posted my Travel Guide on my birthday trip, I’ve received a dozen questions about how I travel, where to start and how to do it without going broke. Traveling was always something that intrigued me, so as soon as I started making my own money I made it a priority to make a way to be able to explore. I honestly can’t remember the first trip I took independently but the most memorable was a $900 Spring Break trip to Mexico my sophomore year of college with some girlfriends. Struggling college student + $900 getaway don’t normally go hand-in-hand, but like anything else I really want, I found a way. Traveling really is possible for everyone. If you’re inclined to get away but don’t know where to start, here are a few suggestions on how to do that as cheap as possible, along with some #TBT photos of my 19 year old self on her first vacation out of the country.


Look for Flight Deals – If you know you want to take a trip, put up a couple hundred dollars, sit down, and wait. I check The Flight Deal all the time to see if they have any deals to the places I want to visit. I’ve seen flights as low as $89 roundtrip, NO LIE! If you have flexibility on when you want to travel, I’d sit still until an unreal flight option came up then pull the trigger.  The only downside to flight deals is they come and go so quickly that you have to be ready to book them as soon as you find them.

Use Google Flights If you’re planning a trip with specific dates, use Google Flights. It pulls up a ton of airlines and arranges them by price, allowing you to sort through what will work best for you. I also love the calendar option that allows you to see the cheapest days to fly. Contrary to popular belief, airlines like Southwest aren’t always your cheapest option, so look around.

Don’t Be Afraid of Spirit Spirit Airlines gets a lot of flack, especially regarding their baggage policy and I can see why – but I’ve flown with them a handful of times and have very few complaints. I’ve gotten familiar with how to pack at a cost I’m comfortable with (usually 0 additional dollars) so I’m not in for any surprises once it’s time to fly. If you’re low maintenance, Spirit flights are a steal and will get you where you’re trying to go with a couple of extra hundred bucks in your account.

Visit Someone You Know Somewhere Else – Have a friend in a different city? Call ’em up and let them know you’ll be coming to visit. If the only traveling expense you’re going to have is a flight, pack your bags and go. One of my best friends moved to Los Angeles a couple of years and I’m able to visit whenever I want since I don’t have to budget in a hotel room. Think about offering to pay for their dinner or gas up their car for being so hospitable and helping you not break the bank.

Partner Up – Everything is less expensive when you divide it by 2, or 3, or 4. Find someone to travel with you so that expenses such as hotels and Uber’s can be split.

Use Airbnb Hotels can be pretty pricey nightly, especially when the less expensive ones are all booked. This site will give you hundreds more options than any hotel site. You can find some really nice furnished spaces on here for a fraction of what you’d pay to be in a hotel.  Airbnb offers options ranging from single rooms for $30 a night to mansions with enough space for you and 20 of your girlfriends, if that’s how you’re feeling.


I based those six tips off of the majority of the recent questions I’ve received. Please feel free to leave any questions you may have in the comments or send them to me via email and I’ll try to answer them to the best of my ability because honestly, I want you to travel too. You won’t regret it.

Monday Motivation | The Urgency of Right Now


My meemaw passed away when I was 5, but one thing she would always say that I remember vividly is “the days may be long, but the years are short”, meaning our days may feel like they’ll never end but in hindsight, you’ll see that time passes eerily fast. She was a living example of “the urgency of right now”. Not to mention, my grandmother was an ultra-entrepreneur; owning several home healthcare businesses, a store and even a beauty salon at one time so I should’ve been listening more closely.

As I approach each new week [not to mention we’re already half way through the second month of 2016]  I start with a new mindset, new intentions in hopes for new results. Since I launched The B Werd I haven’t spent a single weekend at home, which is the exact opposite of what I spent doing in 2015 so to say the least, it’s been quite an adjustment. This weekend was the first “lazy” weekend I’ve had coming into this year so when I woke up this morning, I was ready to hit the ground running, almost feeling guilty for a weekend of relaxation.

What’s changed for me since the new year, is my sense of urgency. I made a commitment to push past what’s convenient this year and in a short amount of time I’ve accomplished things that my regular self would’ve never got around to doing. Had I treated many of my priorities as emergencies, I could’ve been further than I am now. Tupac died at the age of 25, Notorious B.I.G at 24, Selena at 23, Aaliyah at 22 – all leaving their mark as great contributors to our culture. The trouble is, we think we have time; as if it’s a luxury guaranteed to us. What’s the difference between being good and being great? For me, it’s how badly I want it and what I’m willing to sacrifice to capitalize on obtaining it as soon as possible. It’s possible. You don’t need an entire lifetime to be great, you just need right now. Take advantage of your “right now”.

Happy Monday, xx.

Press Play | @FarranWeezy “Netflix and Chill 2”

My friends are talented in many areas, so it’s not surprising that along with being a bomb photographer Farran has an ear for music as well. She put together this Netflix and Chill 2 playlist that I figured was fitting for Valentines Day. Enjoy!

Check out her adventurous life here @FarranWeezy and follow her business page here @FarranManuel