World Series Parade From the Sky | Flying with Emily Roggenburk

World Series Parade From a Helicopter | The B Werd

I personally had no plans to attend the parade. I had to work and crowds that big aren’t my thing, but when Emily Roggenburk reached out to me on Instagram and introduced the idea of flying over the parade in order to capture it, it was impossible for me to say no. Emily is an aerial photographer from Cleveland who was flying to Houston specifically to capture the parade. Nate and I met Emily at the Pearland Regional Airport where we’d be flying out of. I was hoping for sunshine but the weather was a little cloudy. I’d never flown in a helicopter before, but ironically I wasn’t nervous. The pilot warned us that no doors would no on the helicopter and that anything we put outside of the doors would definitely fly out of our hands.

World Series Parade From a Helicopter | The B WerdWorld Series Parade From a Helicopter | The B WerdWorld Series Parade From a Helicopter | The B Werd World Series Parade From a Helicopter | The B Werd World Series Parade From a Helicopter | The B Werd

I’m not big on sports, but the World Series was something I wanted the Astros to win so badly. Houston has had one hell of a year with Harvey dismantling so much of the city’s normalcy. As much as we had devastation, we had twice as much help, compassion and support. Houston has shown admirable resiliency, so even if the Astros aren’t your team, it’d be hard to say that the city didn’t deserve this. The World Series parade was something the entire city was going to show up for. It was so serious that school districts were cancelling school on Friday. We’d never won one before and the timing couldn’t have been more impeccable.

World Series Parade From a Helicopter | The B WerdWorld Series Parade From a Helicopter | The B Werd

Taking off was completely different than a plane and the wind was something serious. If you do take a helicopter ride, I suggest having your hair secured. Flying over my city itself was such a memorable experience. Seeing staples like Minute Maid park, the Astrodome and Toyota Center from that angle was surreal. The streets downtown were covered in tiny orange dots for dozens of blocks. People literally looked like gumballs filling the streets.

Here are some aerial photos from my time in the sky –

World Series Parade From a Helicopter | The B WerdWorld Series Parade From a Helicopter | The B WerdWorld Series Parade From a Helicopter | The B WerdWorld Series Parade From a Helicopter | The B Werd World Series Parade From a Helicopter | The B Werd World Series Parade From a Helicopter | The B Werd World Series Parade From a Helicopter | The B Werd

Emily was seriously SO sweet! We instantly felt like friends. I’m amazed at the opportunities to meet amazing people there are on the internet. To learn more about Emily or to purchase one of her prints, visit her website here:

Weekend Deals

Weekend Deals | The B Werd

These black studded over-the-knee boots are so cute! I wish Winter in Houston lasted longer than 30 days.

This oversized knit midi dress would be perfect over a peacoat with boots.

I’ll never buy Ruby Woo again thanks to this NYX Matte shade.

I love these striped wide-leg pants!

H&M jeans fit me so well and are so inexpensive. I just picked this pair up in-store.

I live in turtlenecks when it’s colder. This one has lace arms I can’t get over.

A chic white button-up blazer from Forever21 so $32.

Steve Madden taupe sock booties for only $53 are my perfect pair of shoes LOL.

Have y’all gotten familiar with Quay sunglasses? I’m on my second pair.

The brim on this fedora is perfection. Considering splurging on it!

Save 20% at Macy’s using code “SAVEBIG”. I got these Jessica Simpson booties for $80.

A brown shaded camo jacket on sale for $40.

Saks is having a sale! Up to 40% and no code required.

Nordstrom is also having a sale with some reallllly good items like this French Connection turtleneck dress and these black Topshop jeans.

Baublebar has 20% off this weekend so I went ahead and ordered this chunky necklace I’d been eyeing.

This self-tie top is so my style, especially the way the model’s wearing it.

Shop the Deals:


Coffee Talk | The B Werd

I love how you and your fiancé support each other. Whats his profession? How do y’all balance work and time together? I love your blog!

Thank you! My fiance is in oil and gas, and also owns his own company. Technically, all of our time together is our time together, even if I’m working. We both work hard, so sometimes balance for us is sitting next to each other in bed with our laptops. I had a vision for my brand and life before him and I got together, so it’s important that I still put the work in to fulfill that and luckily, he understands and supports that. I also try to make sure I carve out time to spend distraction-free time with him. It may not be a lot of time or often enough, but he’s pretty low maintenance with his requirements so it works for us.

I’m traveling to Spain soon and would like to capture some great moments for my travel blog, but I’m struggling with the concept of showcasing my experience in a way that resonates with others. On my most recent trip I found myself trying to document every exciting moment thinking that’s what a travel blogger does, but it’s so draining! I’m really used to emerging myself on a trip and only taking pictures after the moment if I feel like it. This time around I want to be able to capture many great moments without losing the excitement for the trip. Can you recommend any tips for blogging while traveling?

Draining is such an appropriate word when it comes to blogging, especially when you’re trying to force things that aren’t your normal routine. I too have taken many vacations where I’ve gotten wrapped up in just enjoying myself, or had one too many drinks before I got around to taking photos and I always regret not having them after the fact. I think there’s a way to balance enjoyment and “work” when traveling. One thing I do when I’m on a trip is get photos out of the way early. As soon as I’m out of my AirBNB or hotel, I will start snapping. Whether it’s photos of myself, the surroundings or locals, I get it out of the way. Get your work done first and then enjoy yourself. If my plan that day is to explore a cave, I think of the best way to visually share that experience. In my mind, I would’ve already known I wanted a photo before entering the cave, maybe 2-3 inside and one of the view when I’m done. You don’t have to spend every minute of your trip taking photos, just put together an idea of what a visually appealing travel blog will look like and take those kind of photos.

I just want to start off by saying you are such an inspiration with everything you are doing. I came across your page from a friend and I am so glad that I did. I am a 25 year old stay at home mom and just getting back into school to finish getting my degree. At the same time that I started following your IG page, I was just thinking about changing my degree from Communications: Public Relations, to Nursing because I was a little afraid of not being able to have a very successful career in PR and be able to live how I wanted and  provide for my family. But after seeing how you have actually made a successful career in the field, I’ve decided to continue on with my Communications degree. I would just love to know more about what you do and the steps you took to get there.

Ah, thank you so much! It makes me so happy to hear that I’ve inspired you to stick with your plan in Communications. Public Relations is not a job that starts out paying well, so I understand your concerns. Know that success is relative. My job is fun and enjoyable, but I would not say that I’ve reached what I call career success just yet. Communication is something that most major corporate companies need, so don’t feel limited to only apply for PR jobs. I work for an engineering firm and my job is to keep my company in front of the public and make the clients that give us work happy. To make it simple, a lot of writing and a lot of events. A lot of running around and a lot of smiling. I had one internship while in college and used what I learned there to leverage the position I landed after college. Experience is going to be the best way to prove you’re fit for the job you want, so try and get as much of it now as you can.

I want to start a blog. I know what I would like the content to be about, however I don’t know where to begin or what should be my first step. HELP!

Your first few steps would be to 1) think of a blog name that fits well with what you plan to talk about 2) secure it as a domain name [a .com or .net, etc.] through or 3) build a blog through WordPress, Wix or Square 3) begin creating content and then 4) promote your blog on social media. People over complicate the process and when it’s not very difficult at all to get started. Don’t hold yourself up because you don’t know where to start, none of us did! The most important part, is that we just get started.

I’m attending a work conference in a few weeks and am looking for some modest professional wear to last me a few days. Can you help me please?

Conferences can be tricky because you never really know what people will be doing until you arrive, but here are some safe statement items that you can mix and match and even add to your wardrobe once you’re back home. These should last you!

I’ve been following your blog for a while, and I truly love it. Your voice feels authentic, and I enjoy your perspective and hustle. I’m preparing to launch my blog in a month, and I think the hardest part thus far has been the technical jargon upon jargon. You purchase a service to help with another service and you’re learning the how-to’s for your how-to’s! Lol. Could you recommend some services or resources you’ve utilized to manage your social media, secure your sites, or just overall prepare you for blogging and growing your craft? Furthermore, please keep the content coming! It’s very refreshing and helpful.

Ah, I completely feel your pain – especially because I wasn’t any sort of web developer. My advice would be to start with the complete basics. A domain name, a web host and a pre-made blog template. Your web host should provide you with site security. The only additions I truly feel are necessary in the beginning are downloaded plugins such as web analytics, since you’ll need those numbers to apply for any sort of collaboration opportunities.

I was recently invited to attend “Diner en Blanc” this year, very exciting! But, I’m having trouble finding a white ensemble that will be good to wear. The event is outside, but in Houston who knows what the weather will be like in mid November?!? Can you help me with some options? I am also a petite girl, with a similar shape to yours, if that helps! 
I’ve never attended Diner en Blanc because big crowds give me anxiety LOL but it looks like a ton of fun! I’d probably opt for something like high waisted wide leg trousers with a lace top and a blazer that can be removed if it’s too warm. A white dress would also be cute, and you can bring a light colored faux fur in case it is cold. If you’re wanting to be more casual, a white statement blouse with denim. Here are some options below –

I have a business gala coming up in Mid November and I’ve had a lot of trouble finding a gown. I’m looking for something black and sexy, but formal enough to be around my peers. Please help!

This’ll be easy! Lol There’s nothing wrong with maintaining your sense of style even in professional settings. Here are some classic black options for you –

What’s your “why” behind being an entrepreneur and working for yourself?

I personally always wanted to work in an office building, although I’ve always had the mind of an entrepreneur. You can read more about my first entrepreneurial post here. I would daydream about being in a powerful position for a corporate company in a corner office. It wasn’t until I actually got into a corporate position that I realized how limiting it really was. As much as I like the power behind corporations, the power it had over how much money I was able to make did not sit well with me. My “why” behind working for myself is because there is no ceiling for what I can make, build or go. I’m on my own timeline for success. I can give myself a pay raise at any time if I want to without waiting on a review from a manager. When you’re an entrepreneur, you’re building for yourself and not anyone else. It’s the most rewarding thing I’ve felt thus far.

When do you know that you’re ready to start monetizing your blog? At what point do you know your caliber of work is worth getting paid for?

You’re ready to start monetizing your blog as soon as you have the power to influence someone else’s life. Whether you’re helping them grow their natural hair out, attain their goals or feel more stylish. If you’re adding value to your readers, you’re ready. Bloggers are notorious for accepting less than what they’re worth because they feel uncomfortable asking for anything outrageous. Know that you will burn yourself out if you decide to offer a service for $19 or agree to a do an extensive collaborations for $100 at a time. You’ll learn early on that your time truly is worth money, especially when you’re producing quality work. I got tired of people picking my brain for free so I told the next person who asked that if they wanted to talk it would be $150 an hour… but the person agreed. That’s when I knew I should’ve been charging for something I was continuously doing for free.

Thank you for all of the Coffee Talk questions! If I didn’t get to you this week, I will next week for sure. Comment below with any questions for next go ’round or send them via DM. Homecoming is this weekend so I plan to have a great time. Have a great weekend!

Boss Ladies | Dana Jackson, Owner of Beneath Your Mask talks how Lupus lead her to her Purpose, Finding Fulfillment in Who You Really Are, and Starting a Luxury Beauty Brand

Boss Ladies | Dana Jackson, Owner of Beneath Your Mask

You all got a brief introduction to who Dana is and what she does in the post I put up unboxing her Beneath Your Mask skin and hair products, which I absolutely adore. Dana is a Chicago native that I was a fan of before I ever met her solely based off of her style, flawless skin and perfect natural curls. Beyond her physical beauty, Dana is a legitimate Boss Lady, who’s always lived without limits while going after what she wanted. I had the pleasure of getting some behind the scenes insight on what it took to put Beneath Your Mask together prior to its launch. Her incredibly inspiring personal story of how battling Lupus lead her to creating her own luxury beauty brand is one everyone should hear. She’s been mentioned by some of your favorite natural beauty bloggers and featured in major publications. Her latest accomplishment? Selling her Beneath Your Mask products in Neiman Marcus while sharing the story of what made her look beneath hers. Read more about how Dana’s life changing diagnosis changed her life for the better.

Women like us always have a vision for how we imagine our lives to go. As a young woman, how did you envision your future and what motivated you to go after those things?

I honestly didn’t have a clear vision of my life when I was younger. I knew what I didn’t want to be, but I didn’t know exactly what I did want to be. I always did well in school and loved to read and knew I didn’t want to be a product of my environment. I knew I wanted more for myself. I knew I didn’t want to have kids young. I knew I wanted to experience going away to college. But everyone around me was going to jail or being killed. My older brother was killed when I was 15. He always wanted the best for me. Always treated me like I was different than everyone around us, always had expectations of me. I wanted to make him proud.  I identified the women I did and didn’t want to be like. I remember like it was yesterday. I was 11, my mother told me my father was on drugs. He came home, they argued, he came upstairs and asked me for $20. Everybody knew I always kept a stash, I’d always get and save money. It was at that moment though, that I knew I was never going to be without and that I was always going to have to be able to depend on myself.

You are such a naturally stunning woman. Within a couple months after your diagnosis, most of your hair had fallen out, your joints had locked up, you had a severe rash all over your body, your eyes were swollen shut, and you retained so much water you had gained over 100 additional pounds. How difficult was it to cope with not recognizing yourself and finding the strength to not let it get the best of you?

It absolutely got the best of me. It was probably the most difficult part of it. I would’ve stayed in denial had the visual side effects not been so drastic. I completely shut down when my hair fell out. When my eyes were swollen shut, I would get out of the bed, look in the mirror and just get back in the bed and cry. I didn’t come out of my place for two weeks. I ordered room service everyday (my building had a hotel on the 1st 7 floors). If not for the physical changes, I would have probably stayed in denial much longer. That was my rock bottom and what caused me to finally accept help. I always used to tell my niece that she was more than her looks, but when I lost mine, I was devastated. I don’t even think I realized how superficial I was. But the reality is, I was more concerned with how I looked than the fact that my kidneys were shutting down. Over time, I let it go because I figured it would be my new normal. Not the swelling and the weight gain, but the round face and swollen stomach from the steroids. I had to let it go, I think God was taking everything I valued too much away, one by one.

Boss Ladies | Dana Jackson, Owner of Beneath Your Mask

While you were in Atlanta, you were doing what so many young women would describe as an ideal life. You were an entertainment business manager for some of the most popular celebrities in the music industry, constantly attending events, rubbing shoulders with celebrities, taking trips, while wearing your favorite designers and switching out Chanel’s. What about that was unsatisfying?

Don’t get me wrong, all that was amazing. But what you just described was probably 5% of my job, if that! The other 95% was literally revolving my life around not only the entertainers I worked for, but their parents, children, spouses, managers, assistants, attorneys, friends, chefs, band, crew, DJ, etc. all having around-the-clock access to me. And to each of these people, they’re a star in their own mind. It’s a lot of personalities to deal with especially when money doesn’t move around without you facilitating it. Everyone has their hand out, they think the money is endless, and in all the excitement of the entertainment industry, you’re the bad guy saying what they can and can’t afford, doing tour budgets and deciding salaries for band/crew, finding a tour bus, scaling back their production budget when they have a creative vision for their show, telling the production manager why he doesn’t deserve a raise when the artist already promised it, why they can’t loan their lifelong friend money again this month when the artist already promised it, waking up at 4 am because their credit card didn’t go through at the Balmain store in Paris. My life was not my own. I never went to the movies in peace, let alone took a vacation. I had to be available around the clock. Entertainers are so used to everybody jumping at their every request, and you feel the need to as well. I lived for it at one point and absolutely LOVED it, but it does get old and it can burn you out. I wasn’t choosing my clients and it’s really hard to dedicate your life to someone you may not believe in.

What was the toughest lesson that suffering from Lupus taught you? What was the greatest thing to come from your suffering?

The toughest lesson was learning who my friends were. I was already not the most open or trusting person, and lupus caused me to change what I considered a friend. I no longer have “fun-time only” friends. The ones that are just around when life is good and you have access to events, concerts, parties, etc. I don’t have space in my life for those type of friends anymore. I had people that came to ATL for my birthday in November, then I got sick a few months later and didn’t hear from them again until I started getting better and back to myself. I took it very personal at first, but I realize they would have done that to anyone. But regardless, I don’t make room for those type of people in my life. The greatest thing to come from it was losing my sense of entitlement. This world doesn’t owe me anything. I used to think that because I went through traumatic experiences growing up that life was supposed to always be good for me going forward. It’s made me a much more thankful person. I don’t take ANYTHING for granted.

You initially created your first product “Heal” to suit your own needs, after not being able to find what you were looking for on store shelves. At what point did you recognize not only a business opportunity, but the chance to serve others with the same needs as you?

I realized there was a business opportunity as soon as I started gifting it, I just didn’t really want to dive into it as a business. But people OBSESSED over Heal. It was the only thing that worked for their eczema amongst other things. It was expensive to make and I didn’t have time to make it. I’d try to find something similar when I would run out, but I could never find anything to compare. People harassed me about Heal for years. I also realized that God hadn’t helped me overcome my health issues just for me. He didn’t put people in my life to help me just for me. I knew it was bigger than me, but I didn’t want to revolve my life around lupus so to speak. I kept being led in that direction and my guru kept telling me I needed to write my story out. That’s why Beneath Your Mask is so much bigger than the products for me. It’s more about sharing my journey.

Boss Ladies | Dana Jackson, Owner of Beneath Your Mask

When you decided to turn your products into Beneath Your Mask, a business, what were some of the first steps you took?

I came up with the name, got my EIN number, formed an LLC, opened a bank account so that I could keep of all my business expenses separate from my personal expenses, I contacted an attorney that worked with some of my former clients to file the trademark for me, and then I started having the logo designed.

You say that your true healing began when you started to let go of everything superficial that you’d placed way too much value on, including the persona or elements of the mask that I wore on a daily basis. Why is this type of freedom necessary for women?

As women, there’s so much pressure on what life, success, career and family should look like for us. And even if we aren’t there, we’re trying to portray that to the world. Or at least I was. I turned 30 a few months before I got diagnosed and I was going through the “this-is-where-I’m-supposed-to-be in-my-life-by-the-time-I’m-30” blues that I swore would never happen to me. We put so much pressure on ourselves. I wasn’t on social media at the time, but even more so on social media because we’re always comparing our journey and our individual life timeline to the next persons. Removing that mask and beating to your own drum and what you want for your life is beyond freeing. Living your authentic life also attracts authentic people. Most importantly, God can’t work on your representative. He can only work on you. That’s where the name Beneath Your Mask comes from and why is was so important for me to remove the mask I was wearing. So much of my identity and value was placed on what I looked like and my career, but who was I without those things? That is the Dana I needed to get to, that God needed to get to.

Going from a business manager to creating, packaging and shipping your own handmade products is a significant change. Were you ever discouraged because you were embarking on something entirely unfamiliar, and how did you overcome doubt?

I was absolutely discouraged! I knew most wouldn’t see my vision because I was creating a luxury brand. I’d tell people that I was going to be in Neimans and Saks and people would look at me like I was crazy. Everybody wanted to know what was taking so long. But I obsess over the details, and I wasn’t putting it out until I was in love with it.  I went through 2 logo designers, 2 packaging designers, all my savings, I pushed my launch date back so many times, and all the people that were excited for my brand didn’t buy my products when I launched. I’d been running my client’s businesses for years and I’ve always been able to get to an answer or end result, so I knew I could do it if I just made it past the moments when I wanted to throw everything out of the window and give up.

What’s been the most rewarding part of having your own brand and doing it your own way?

We recently did a pop-up shop at Neiman Marcus Northpark in Dallas and launched on That was a huge validation for me because a lot of people wondered why I had the audacity to be a black woman creating a luxury brand. To prove that our dollar can not only buy luxury, but create luxury, was extremely rewarding. I had a vision and was uncompromising on it. I did that with my own money that I’d saved, no investments, no loans. Day to day, not knowing how I was going to make it through the next day. We get discouraged sometimes when everybody doesn’t believe in our vision, but everybody doesn’t need to. The right people need to and most importantly, you need to.

Boss Ladies | Dana Jackson, Owner of Beneath Your Mask

Can you describe how much more fulfilling life is now that you know you’re walking in your purpose?

I‘ve had the sound and vibration turned off on my phone for the last 3 years, just because I can. I used to get anxiety when I got an email, now I love when an email comes through for my business. When someone reaches out to me to thank me for being so transparent because they can relate or how one of my products has helped them, it means the world to me. It lets me know that no matter how difficult, I’m doing the right thing. I fought this for a very long time because I didn’t necessarily want the responsibility. But God kept pushing me in this direction.

What is your B Werd?

I didn’t choose a word that describes women, I chose something we should all do. Believe resonates with me the most – Believe that you can have whatever it is you want for yourself and your life. Believe there are no limitations set on you. When I worked in entertainment, I realized these were normal people with massive success. That was the moment I realized I could absolutely have whatever life I wanted to have. Believe that God loves you enough to give you the world. My faith has been strengthened throughout this process. I used to rely solely on myself and now I rely on God. To have that pressure off of me is amazing. I’m normally the person that plans everything and has to know exactly what and how the next things is happening. Believing that God will handle it has taken a huge weight off of me.

Her best seller Heal is sold out on her website, but you can add it to your beauty routine by purchasing it from Neiman Marcus. All other products and more of Dana’s story can be found on Follow Dana on Instagram to see what her brand is up to next!

Monday Motivation | Quit Waiting For People to Tell You How to Do it

Monday Motivation | Quit Waiting For People to Tell You How to Do it

I personally feel like I say this way too often, but here it goes again – please excuse my lack of posts on the blog. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been giving my best attempt at prioritizing what needs to be done right now among work, the blog, the business side of it, and other ventures that I’m passionate about but have yet to find the time to explore. At the beginning of 2017, I was on fire. Up at 5:30 am, getting workouts in, eating better, traveling often, working nonstop at my job and my business. I put out the Brand Beginnings Werkbook that did exceptionally well, selling over 800 of them and also added some products and services to my site as additional forms of passive income. Even with all of that, there’s still a long list of things I plan to do and learn before the year is up.

Of my latest ventures, I’ve been obsessing over trading Foreign Exchange currencies (Forex). Admittedly, even I’ve been blown away with the financial gains available with trading Forex, which is why my attention has been so heavily pinned on it. Out of excitement, I posted two different screenshots of my daily earnings onto Facebook and Instagram, totaling about $2000. Not to mention, I made about $3500 yesterday from trading off of my iPhone. I offer a lot of things that will help people build their brands, improve their corporate and personal lives and hit any goal they set for themselves, but none of those things gained a fraction of the attention that posting a screenshot of me making $1000 in a single day did.

My direct messages and comments were in overdrive, with everyone asking me to please blog about how to trade Forex, how I got into it and how I learned to do it. The questions went on and on, from what app I use to how people can quickly get started. I responded to everyone with an adequate amount of information about what it is I do with Forex, and how they too can make money remotely on a daily basis. That quick lesson in screenshot history taught me quite a bit, but mainly that people show the most interest when they think there’s an opportunity for easy (and a large amount of) money to be made. Once I’d explained what it would take for them to get started, most went silent. They were uninterested in putting the initial investment up, because they were unaware that it takes money to make money or they were uninterested in taking the time to learn a skill they’re unfamiliar with.

I’ve had to put quite a bit on the back burner in order to find time to dedicate to learning a skill like trading foreign currencies. I Googled, YouTubed and Facebook grouped my way to find my first thousand without ever expecting anyone to tell me exactly how to do it. I even had a couple of people offer to pay me to trade for them. Why would you pay me to make you money when you could make your own money by making the time to learn a skill? Why do you think that I have time to trade for you when you don’t have the time to learn to trade?

The problem that I notice with most people is that they don’t have the discipline to go after things that will heavily reward them if they don’t see the reward immediately. That isn’t shade, that’s fact. Many of my brand audit clients invest $150 into getting me to map out exactly what they need to do to in order to see results, and because the results take too long to develop or seem like too much work, they waste $150 and their brand potential by doing nothing.

99% of the people that inquired about Forex won’t proceed with it simply because I didn’t tell them how to do it in under 140 characters. The additional information is too complex and lengthy that before they can finish watching an introductory video, they’ve already opted out. Why are we so quick to detour from things when we don’t find the answer we’re looking for on the first page of our Google search? I know you’ve heard it before, but if it were that easy, everyone would be doing it. College degrees take four years, but you do it because you feel like that’s what you’re supposed to do. Why not treat your own goals like a college course? Studying it, making the time to figure it out and seeking help if you feel like you need it.

Quit waiting for someone to tell you exactly how to do what you want to do because you don’t know where to start. If I waited for anyone to tell me how to start a blog, how to make a dollar from it or how to How likely is it that you haven’t continued doing something you were interested in because you couldn’t “find out how” quickly enough? Experts were once beginners and in 2017, most of us have all the same resources; 1) the internet 2) access to experts 3) the powerful force of instant communication through email or private messages. There are some things that some people are naturally skilled at doing, but everything else can be learned. You can find out how to be successful at anything for yourself. You don’t need to wait on anyone. If you’re really interested in learning what Forex is, you can learn more here. If you finish watching that are happen to still be interested, you can email me with questions.

For everyone else, teach yourself something new this week and make it a great one. xx