My Weekday Meals

My Weekday Meals | The B Werd

After writing this post last week about my workout + diet changes, the question that got asked most was what I normally eat during the work week. Staying on track during the week is the easy part for me because I’m set in a routine. I grocery shop weekly and only buy what I need to make two or three meals, breakfast and have snacks throughout the week. I had a bad habit of buying in bulk and would waste money because things would go bad before I even had the chance to eat them. I rotate the meals between lunch and dinner so I don’t feel like I’m eating the same thing daily and I normally have a few meals left to heat up quickly on the weekend should I need to. Healthy eating can cost you a little more than what you’re used to but when you stick to only buying what you need and actually eating it, as opposed to still eating out, you actually save yourself some money. I have dozens of recipes that I favor and will check out Skinny Taste weekly for new ideas. If you’re ever needing some meal inspiration, she also logs her weekly meals so you don’t have to put much thought into it. Here’s what I prepared for this week, which is a short week since I’m in Los Angeles starting Friday. Disclaimer: I’m not a nutritionist LOL this is just what works for me and what I enjoy.


My favorite meals that I rotate are all relatively simple to make and allow me to have several days of leftovers, cause I’m not cooking just to eat once. I’m pretty picky about reheating certain things so it’s twice as difficult for me to find meals I can prep. These are my go-to’s that get made monthly, if not more.

Chicken and black bean tacos

Just like my clothing, I like versatility in my food. This recipe is so damn good and I never get tired of it. I’m not a big fan of reheated chicken (when I say not a fan I mean, it’ll make me want to gag) but there’s something about cooking the breasts in the crockpot with black beans and rotel that take that stigma away from this recipe. I use organic breasts which are a bit pricier, but worth it. I don’t make the slaw suggested in this recipe. Instead, the Mexican in me tops the tacos with cilantro, a sprinkle of white cheese, avocado and hot sauce. I’ll also use it to make burrito bowls with brown rice and lettuce, using the same toppings.

Spicy shrimp fried brown rice

I love this recipe because I can easily switch up the taste by adding broccoli, mushrooms, peas and carrots or whatever other veggies I’d like. When I made this Sunday I used a brown rice and tricolor quinoa mix and it was just as delicious. I also substituted the eggs for egg whites and soy sauce for Bragg Liquid Aminos to take it easy on the sodium. If you’re attempting to stay away from the complex carbs you can switch out the rice for diced cauliflower. Once you get past the texture of it, it’s flavorful and really tasty. Don’t forget the sriracha.

Ground turkey and kale tortellini soup

This recipe suggests sausage, but I use extra lean ground turkey. I also add carrots and celery to my pot before pouring the chicken broth in. I like adding soups into the mix because they’re packed with flavor and protein but keep me away from rice and large amounts of pasta. If the batch is too big, freeze half. It sounds ridiculous until you have no time to cook but have a meal that’ll be ready to be reheated in about an hour.


As I mentioned in my previous post, I never ever ate breakfast. I wasn’t hungry when I woke up and would survive off of a cup of coffee until lunch time. Once I started working out not only was I ready to eat in the mornings, I was looking forward to it. I try to workout in the mornings so that my evenings are free, but getting a workout in, getting ready for work, getting breakfast made and into the office all before 8 am can be quite the task. Instead of elaborate breakfasts, I indulge in things that take little time and can be reheated so I’m out the door as quickly as possible.

Avocado toast

Easily one of my first breakfast loves. I mash an avocado, smear it onto two pieces of Ezekiel bread and sprinkle red pepper flakes or chia seeds on top for flavor. It tastes best when eaten while the bread is still warm. If I’m feeling fancy I’ll slice a boiled egg on top for extra protein and it keeps me full a bit longer. There are so many varieties of this. Try a slice of smoked salmon, low sodium bacon or pico de gallo.

Loaded baked omelette muffins

If I meal prep on a Sunday, I’ll throw these into rotation for breakfast. I switch up the flavor by adding or subtracting other ingredients like spinach, mushrooms, or sliced turkey breasts. The recipe makes about 16 muffins so I freeze half and thaw them out at a later date. For breakfast, I put two in the microwave and have them with a slice of toast.

Egg white breakfast tacos

I can’t shake my cravings for tacos and luckily, there are so many healthy alternatives that I never have to go too long without them. I’ll scramble egg whites with turkey, spinach, a little salsa and top it with cheese and my favorite hot sauce for a protein packed breakfast under 250 calories. Avocado is a great additional too!

Veggie ham and egg cheese bake

I like anything that I can cook once and eat for days, so I make this often. Once it’s prepped I literally put a slice in the microwave and eat it in the car during my commute. When I make this I don’t have to worry about breakfast all week and will even have a slice after dinner for a snack. Don’t judge.


  • Almonds, peanuts or cashews
    • I eat a handful of these and make sure they’re lightly salted. Too much sodium retains water and causes bloat. Watch the serving size on these because the calories add up quickly.
  • Halo Top Ice Cream
    • I enjoy this more than Blue Bell, if we’re being honest. Every single flavor is good and satisfies my sweet tooth with just a few scoops.
  • Fresh fruit
    • Grapefruit is so good for you, but I’m still struggling with adjusting to the taste. I make fruit cups similar to the ones they serve at Chick-Fil-A with diced apple, grapes, melon, strawberries and pineapple.
  • Rice cakes
    • Never thought I’d see the day I’d be eating rice cakes, but I’m addicted to the caramel ones. Add some peanut butter if you need more flavor.
  • Jell-o Pudding Cups
    • I love chocolate, but me having a piece will go downhill fast. Jell-o has 60 calorie pudding cups that I devour without feeling guilty.
  • Cheese sticks
    • This is country, but I really don’t care. Sargento mild cheddar cheese sticks are my favorite with two slices of deli turkey. I consider it an adult lunchable.
  • Pretzels
    • They go with everything, hummus, cheese, grapes, dark chocolate. I normally buy 100 calorie bags to make sure I’m not overeating my portion.

I hope this gives you an idea of how to plan your meals for the week. Feel free to send any specific questions my way! Stay fine ladies, xx.