Energy is Contagious

Energy is Contagious

If energy is contagious and we are continuously giving and receiving it, what would you be OK catching? I was once involved with someone that I adored for the wrong reasons. I desired to have him in my life, yet our interaction made me constantly question why. He meant no intentional harm, but there was something about his personality that would leave a dark cloud over me, while the sun seemed to shine on him and I envied that. In his presence, we meshed effortlessly but when we were apart, feelings of uneasiness and uncertainty lingered from our conversations. As if the warning signs of discomfort weren’t enough to make me yield and reroute, I somehow desired to find a way around them. It led me to being miserable with him and miserable without him which overflowed into everything I had going on. Everything became less enjoyable with this person in my life. Energy is real and it doesn’t lie. Acknowledge how it makes you feel.

Whether you believe in vibes or not, you’re consuming them and giving them freely without notice. Think about someone in your life who instantly lightens your mood when you’re around them. This person makes you laugh and gives you a sense of comfortability. Now think about someone whose interaction instantly puts you in a state of anxiousness or dread. This person may not have done anything malicious to you, they just don’t feel right, and that’s OK. Pay close attention to who your energy increases and decreases around. This is energy telling you who you should cling to and who you should stray from. You mirror the energy you get from others, which is why when you have these toxic people in your life it affects all that your life consists of. Your ability to focus in class or in a meeting, how well you’re in tune with your creative processes, how enjoyable your lunch is or how peaceful a nights sleep may be.

Much like a virus, negative energy can make its way into our minds, bodies and spirits, and have us wondering why we feel as sick, depressed, depleted or emotionally-exhausted as we do. It effects your overall well being. On the other hand, consider how a simple short encounter with a positive person often has a healing and rejuvenating effect. I experienced this when I first started working with my now boss. I can’t tell you why or how, but there is and always was something about her personality that warms me up and puts my bad days into perspective. She exudes genuine happiness. People with good energy energize you, literally. They make you want to enjoy your days, work harder and enjoy the little things. You would think we’d choose to avoid the people who leave us feeling emotionally and spiritually drained, but ironically we often want to make sense out of those feelings. The reasoning behind these feelings are something that can only be determined in hindsight once the fog has cleared, never while you’re in the haze of the confusion that they bring. You have to move on to understand.

“You attract what you are”

While the energy we’re allowing is priority, it’s equally important to be aware of the energy you’re giving. With each interaction, are you blessing someone or infecting their space? As much as we long for people who make us feel empowered, begin by being the person who does that for others in hopes that people return it to you. Be intentional with what you’re looking for and be strong enough to put an end to energy that doesn’t help or heal you. We can’t control everything, but we can control ourselves, our thoughts and what we allow.

Good vibes only, xx.

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