Curly Hair Update: 90 Day Progress

90 Day Curly Hair Update | The B Werd

Back when I joined YouTube in March (I promise to be back on there soon) I told you guys in this video that I’d committed to taking a break from heat on my hair starting in February. The original plan was to give myself a three month heat hiatus so that I could heal the curls enough to be able to wear it both straight and curly. Once I saw how quickly my hair was improving I decided to cut heat out cold-turkey.

My hair is naturally curly and actually very healthy. I’ve never colored or put chemicals in it so I didn’t need too much repairing. But after flat ironing, curling and wanting my hair continuously nonstop since freshman year I had significantly changed the pattern and texture of my curls, turning them into waves. As a teenager and even in my earlier 20’s, I felt pretty kiddy with curly hair. I didn’t think it was work-place appropriate and somehow convinced myself that straight and sleek hair was sexier, much more mature and appropriate. I also had not experimented with styling my Afro-Latina curls in almost a decade and when I was wearing them, mousse was my product of choice. This time around things are much different and I’m learning how to really care for my curls for the first time.

Where I started:

I started with getting a curly cut by Haiya in Dallas. Instantly my curls were giving me more definition, were working better together and I had the volume that I lacked before. I left there with 5 products in particular, all by Kevin Murphy. Young Again oil treatment, Smooth Again styling lotion, and the Smooth Again shampoo, conditioner and co-wash. All of these products smell incredible.. I mean heavenly and do wonders for my hair. They leave no greasy film like a lot of drug store curly hair products and don’t weigh my curls down at all, but there are a few cons. Kevin Murphy products are only found in salons and are very pricey, so I use them sparsely.

Products I’m Using:

I was hesitant to commit to being curly because it’s an expensive habit. Continually trying to test products in order to find which ones do best with your hair adds up and you end up with a cabinet full of products you won’t touch again. My friend Siggi suggested starting with a few Deva Curl products, so I purchased this kit to use in between the Kevin Murphy. During the week there are a few favorites I incorporate into styling my hair, Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk¬†mixed together with the Deva Curl Styling Cream give me curls a frizz free, but moisturized texture. Two products I would have never tried on my own, I ended up falling in love with while at the Naturally Curly headquarters in Austin. Macadamia Activating Curl Cream + Kimble Beauty Liquid Curl Enhancer had my hair on 10. I’m still at a stage where my curls need help forming, not help being contained so these two paired really took my hair up a notch. I also use this Kimble Beauty Bounce Back Curl Cream on second-day curls with a little bit of warm water.

What I’m Loving:

Leave in conditioners: Palmers Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Protein Pack + Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Masque. All of the curly haired girls I follow rave about the Palmers Protein Pack, so I use those once or twice a month after an ACV rinse. I used the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Masque for the first time last night and not only loved the smell but was impressed with how soft it left my hair.

Diffuser: They used this Xtava Black Orchid diffuser to style my hair while at Naturally Curly and I loved the results. The only issue is that it didn’t fit the blow dryer that I already had, but dries my hair quickly while intensifying my curl pattern. If I have to let my hair air dry, I’m not wearing it down so a diffuser is a must for styling.

I’m excited to see where my curls will go! I’m planning on getting another curly cut soon. Drop your curly haired secrets below.

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  1. Auria
    July 9, 2017 / 5:25 pm

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