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I’m headed to Jamaica mid-February for my birthday and need some help with beachwear. I’m going with all girls and want to be sexy yet still reserved. I’m about your size and 5’6, if that helps. 

Jamaica was my favorite trip last year, so I know you’re going to have a blast! Jamaica is also a place where you need very little other than a swimsuit and cover up, so that’s what I linked below – have fun!

I’m currently using Wix to build my website and it’s slightly terrible. Do you have a website builder that you prefer or recommend?

I’m a WordPress ride or die. Hands down, the best web builder of all time. The Kanye West of website builders. No but seriously, I advocate for WordPress and suggest it to all of my clients because it allows professionally built websites without having to have a graphic designer build one from the ground up for you. When I say WordPress, I mean self hosted websites (.com’s and .nets, etc.) not imablogger.wordpress.com. As long as you get a WordPress website, you can find a template or theme to fit any site you can imagine and there are no limits to what can be designed within WordPress unlike other designers like Wix or Squarespace. I’m actually finishing up an entire e-course that will walk you through how to have an entire site up and running with WordPress in 72 hours, so look forward to that!

I know the end of Winter is typically the best time to catch good coats on sale. Any that have your eye right now? I’m trying to get a head start. Thank you!

Some of my favorite jackets that I bought this season are already on sale like this oversized denim jacket and this color block coat…. and I’m not happy about it LOL. Stock up on all the on sale coats you think you’ll need now! Here are some I’ve already purchased or are wanting to add to my collection –

I’m in a fairly new relationship (roughly about two months). Everything is going well and I have no complaints except for the fact that I bought him a Christmas gift and he didn’t get me one. He brought me to meet his family and he seemed super excited about that, but should I feel a type of way about not getting a gift or should I not have expected one so early on? My birthday’s coming up in January. Should I wait and give him the opportunity to gift me something then?

One thing I’ve had to learn is that people place value in very different places. Since the relationship is still so new, he may not know how much getting a gift would mean to you. This is my first Christmas with my fiancé and while Christmas is a huge deal for me, he didn’t celebrate it too heavily growing up so gift giving (or receiving) isn’t a big deal to him. While it’s definitely awkward giving your boyfriend something (whether small or expensive) and not getting anything in return, I’d definitely wait till your birthday to see if he does anything to make you feel special, even if it’s not necessarily a gift. The more you get to know him, the more you’ll learn what his love languages are. Women love gifts, it’s natural, but I’d try to understand his thought process a little better before making it a big problem. Let me know what happens in January girl! LOL

How would you prioritize different business ventures if you have several going on at once?

I may have addressed this in another coffee talk, but it’s always good to share the info. I work on multiple things at once and sometimes it can become super overwhelming, so I try to balance it in order of importance. If I have a major event I’m coordinating for work, I likely won’t post anything new on the blog or schedule any brand audits for that week so that I can focus on getting my event in order. Same for my business. If I’m working on putting together a workbook, or something that takes time to create, I move that up in priority and don’t work on anything else (unless it’s pressing) until I can get it done. Balance will look different everyday, but I understand that everyday something needs my focus and attention. Every morning when you wake up, pick what you’ll focus on, even if it changes halfway through the day, and make sure you do your part to contribute to the end goal.

I love your style guides that highlight dressy looks. What are some of your favorite casual looks or staple pieces in your wardrobe?

Dressy looks are great, but they’re typically stand out so much that they’re hard to rewear and just end up sitting in my closet. I’m really basic when it comes to staple pieces. I’m a fan of versatility and layering. I keep a crisp white button down that can be worn with trousers, denim or under a vest or sweater. A chunky sweater to be worn under coats or with leggings and boots. A good pair of distressed denim, a leather moto jacket, a trench coat or peacoat that can be worn with sneakers or heels. As far as shoes go, a canvas sneaker and a strappy heel is plenty to get you through any season.

I enjoy talking about helping people find jobs that foster growth and financial freedom or security. I like resumes, cover letters, job search strategy, and career fairs. I made one post in 2016 on LinkedIn about companies hiring in Dallas and it actually got over 200 views so I was like “oh people really need a job” LOL. Anywho, do you think blogging about job search, etc. can be a “thing”? How do I make it one? Is it a relevant topic to blog about? Where do I start?

Are you kidding me?! That’s an awesome topic to blog about, or even talk about in general! There are a ton of websites that focus specifically on helping people land their dream jobs or move up in the one they currently have. People need help and now, more than ever, people are laser focused on excelling in their careers and making wise moves so that their futures are secure. I know that I’d definitely read it. Regardless of how well I’m doing in my career I know that I can do better. I’d start by writing. When those thoughts come to you, start writing your “posts”. If they come to you frequently enough, you’ll know that you have enough content to keep a blog flowing. Next, thing of a blog name. Purchase a domain name and then launch your site. Tell your friends to tell a friend and gain readership. It’s actually much more easier than you think!

I know you’ve mentioned you’re not big on switching bags, but I love your taste and have to ask – Which designer bags do you think will be good investment for Spring/Summer 2018?

I’ve had the same Zac Posen bag for almost two years now. I’m seriously the worst at switching purses so I make sure I buy quality bags whenever I get around to getting a new one. I’m loving all the colorways of this Givenchy bag. It’s small, which means it can be taken anywhere, but will definitely make a statement. I’m still obsessing over all the Gucci shoulder bags, but know I won’t give it the love it deserves if I decide to buy one. This classic YSL bag is also a great bag to have long term, as well as this classic Givenchy satchel.

I found out a close friend of mine “loves me, but takes me in increments”. We’ve seen each other almost every month this year. Unfortunately, I found this out from a mutual friend of ours instead of her. I initially took offense to this being the sensitive person that I am. Do you think it’s worth discussing with the friend that made the statement? Or should I just let it be?

That’s a great question. As much as I think I would want to discuss what was said about me with who said it, the fact of the matter is, things can get really tricky because it’s a “he said, she said” situation. There’s really no way to address her without dragging the person who told you into it, now you’re at risk for losing two friends instead of one. And for all we know, she may not have even really said that. Where I am now in life and relationships, I’d likely just take the statement for what it is until I can gauge the situation for myself. I know I can be an acquired taste and a lot to digest, so I understand that people may love me but still need to take me in doses. Just keep the possibility of her saying that in your mind when you interact with her and carry on. You don’t see her often enough for it to effect your everyday life and she clearly enjoys you enough to continue to be around you.

I realize it’s just a few days before NYE, but I need help with outfit ideas! I’ve come to terms with the idea that I may just freeze and I’m OK with that. Can you help?

You know I’ve over ordered and will probably end up staying at home LOL! I love doing sequins and sparkles on NYE. Just throw a fur on, you’ll be okay 😉 see my picks below –

I’m still enjoying my Christmas break, but I could definitely use a whole month off 😉 thank you for all of the coffee talk questions! Please send any questions for next round to me via email or leave in the comments below. Have a happy and safe new year!

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