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I hardly party anymore but every now and then a good day party can get me out of the house. I love your style, Do you have any day party outfit suggestions?

Now that it’s summertime I’m definitely opting for breezy rompers or short shorts. Daytime looks are typically more casual but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a statement. I’m a big fan of denim cut off’s with heels, or even a cute pair of overalls with a crop top or bodysuit. I love the look of this flowy open front top with a bralette and denim. This floral romper would also be really cute with a pair of nude heels.

I recently stumbled on your Instagram page and began reading your site. Let me just say I LOVE your blog.  I am an aspiring entrepreneur, while also being a wife, full time corporate banker and new mom, so I’m taking things little by little.  But the biggest challenge I’ve faced recently is in finding a support system of girlfriends. I relocated across country a few years back and then got married and had a child so it’s been difficult to maintain my friendships in the same way, and to meet quality people that are close.  I believe having the right tribe can be a great motivator.  How do you maintain or build relationships with like minded women when you’re so busy?

Thank you so much for the compliments and congratulations on the new baby! I have to be completely honest, I only have about five friends. Although we’re all successful at what our goals are, we’re still all on very different walks of life. The women that support me personally are often separate from the women who support me professionally. I’ve had the same friends for years and can’t say that I’ve intentionally journeyed into trying to make new ones. What I can say is that since beginning my blog, I’ve touched base with many successful women who’ve been able to help me and vice versa. We may not be close friends, but I’ve been able to establish some valuable relationships with other women I may have never even met before simply because I decided to reach out online. Being busy, I truly don’t always have time to get out and network so social media is that platform for me. If you see a woman who embodies what you like, let them know! Building organic relationships are the best way to get a feel for whether or not that person is someone you’d like to have a long term friendship with.

Your Nordstrom Anniversary Sale post was so helpful! Do you mind sharing what you purchased from the sale? I want to be sure I didn’t miss anything LOL 

I did a huge haul and bought a ton of stuff to hurry up and get it over with. I haven’t had the time to determine what I was planning to keep or return just yet but I spent closer to $1000. I bought these Marc Fisher OTK boots, a pair of Stan Smith’s which are my favorite casual sneaker, a Kenneth Cole double face coat in grey but the nutmeg option was very tempting, this floral distressed denim jacket, and this suede biker jacket I know for sure I’m keeping. I also bought this solid pair of rag and bone jeans since I had been needing a new pair of dark denim, this casual choker tee in two colors and this bodysuit. I picked up a few more items that I can’t find online, but that was the bulk of it!

I’m in the process of beginning a blog but don’t yet have up the social media or site for it just yet. Is it too soon for branding help or should I wait until I have things up and running?

This is a question that I get often and it’s a good question, but realistically – even if you are only in the brainstorming section of your business or brand it’s still incredibly valuable to get assistance. The best thing about seeking help in the beginning is that you haven’t made any mistakes or wasted any time yet. I wish I would’ve had someone I could trust to map out what would be the best route for me to take when I first started, which is why it’s so important to me to help others avoid the trials I had to learn from myself. If you’re still in the process of sorting out exactly what you want your brand or business to be, I suggest taking your time working through the Brand Beginnings Werkbook because that will walk you through every aspect of your brand until you’re ready for a full launch. If you want some one-on-one advice crafted specifically for your brand or business, a brand audit is the way to go.

I’m celebrating my 26th birthday in August and need some birthday dress ideas under $150. Anything black, red, white or nude and sexy of course!

Happy early birthday! 26 is such a good age, I hope you enjoy it. Here are some really cute (and sexy) suggestions for you –

I know it may be too soon for this but I’m searching for a pair of open-toe booties before the fall comes. I also live in Texas so it doesn’t get cold enough for a full boot, just something cute to wear with jeans with a heel please!

I feel your pain! I bought two really cute pairs of OTK boots last year that I was only able to wear with dresses ’cause it just wasn’t cold enough. Here are some cute options that should serve as pretty versatile –

I missed your Instagram Live chat yesterday and wanted to know if you remembered any advice you gave that was helpful. I have no idea what to do for a side-hustle!

I talked for a really long time (an hour to be exact, until Instagram cut me off) so granted I said quite a lot. But the main points I was trying to make was that we should not be solely dependent on a paycheck and there are unlimited ways to make money outside of a job. If your job was to lay you off tomorrow, would you panic or would you be be able to supplement your income for yourself? Sadly, the majority of us would panic. The best way to find out how you can be making money for yourself is to determine what you’re really passionate about and enjoy doing along with what you’re exceptionally good at. If you’re passionate about dogs, start a dog walking service for the dogs in your complex or surrounding neighborhoods. Can you do makeup, hair, bake really well? Maybe you have a knack for creating unique and flavorful jars of jelly or math where you can tutor students at $75 an hour. There is a market for everything and everyone is willing to buy something depending on their needs.  Tap into what it is that you have to offer and find a way to be of service to others. There will always be money in that. I honestly can’t imagine myself waiting for another payday ever again.

I’m going to Jamaica in three weeks and need some outfit ideas. Any suggestions?

I’m sure you’ll spend most of your day by the water so swimsuits + cover up’s are a must. I didn’t get to wear half of the items I packed for Jamaica but you can see all the items I brought with me here. Everything was much more casual than I had planned for so don’t feel the need to overdress. Here are some cute outfits that will do their job –

Really good questions this week guys, thank you for sending them over! Please email or comment any questions for next weeks #CoffeeTalk over to me. Have a good weekend!