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Can you please do a blog post on how you shop online? As in, what is the best way to shop online to get the best bang for your buck and how you find all of your deals. Whenever I online shop, I never know where to start or what to look for. HELP!

I keep it very, very simple. If something doesn’t pop up on my sidebar as an ad, I visit the time 8-9 online stores for clothing. I get major anxiety at the thought of even going to a mall so online shopping is my favorite option. My go-to’s as you can probably tell by all of the things I link are Forever21, H&M, Nordstrom, ASOS, Missguided, Saks off 5th, Revolve and J. Crew, Express or Banana Republic for work clothes. I shop sales more than I do anything else. The problem with saving money is that it takes time. I don’t buy every cute item I find, especially if I don’t need it. On Nordstrom, ASOS and Missguided I start by sorting their sale category from lowest to highest in my size and quit looking after items hit $30. That helps me find a few cute things without running up a $500 tab. If I’m looking for a particular item, let’s say a pair of Adidas Stan Smith, I’ll google it and click “shop” to see the different price options that pop up. I can often find one store selling it for a cheaper price than where I’d normally go to buy them. Hope this helps!

Can you give me some fun but sexy dress options to wear to a bachelorette party next month? There’s no theme so anything under $100 goes! 

I threw in a few white options because some brides-to-be like an all white bachelorette party, but they’re all sexy. You guys have a blast!

I have been looking into traveling for the longest time, I’m soon to be 27 and I have never traveled outside the country yet. I can’t go alone, because I guess the idea of traveling alone outside of familiar territory is a bit intimidating. I don’t have friends to travel with; and I’m sure that’s a fault of my own. I was wondering if you had any tips on a first time traveler traveling alone. I’ve taken in your money saying tips for traveling and I am getting that in gear, I’ve used Digit plenty of times to save my own behind when I’ve been less than savvy with my personal finances, but I think the problem is I’m not sure how far along to start planning. What to do first? Book the flights, secure the airbnb, it’s a lot of confusion. I’d also like to know if you had any info on female travel groups. I’ve focused so much on my career (law enforcement) that I haven’t put much time into social activities and I’m, I guess you could say… “just getting my groove back” lol.

Don’t be intimidated by traveling alone, a lot of my girl friends do! Traveling is liberating in so many ways and is worth the financial sacrifice if you’re your only responsibility right now. When I decide to go somewhere it’s normally always based off of flight availability. I typically use Google Flights to find the flight that’s going to work best for my dates and then I’ll begin looking into where I plan to stay. I’m leaving for a trip tomorrow and just booked an Airbnb for it on Tuesday. Hotels can be very pricey, especially if they’re not split between multiple people. On a few occasions I’ve gotten off of my flight in whatever city I landed in and booked a hotel the day of using Hotel Tonight for as low as $88. As much as I travel, so many new places are still trial and error for me. Luckily almost anything we need to know is on the internet. Do research before you go to your desired destination, but don’t let opinions sway you. Look for safety first. I’m always and forever going to suggest Playa Del Carmen, Mexico as a place to visit, especially if you’re alone. It’s beautiful and perfect for a wanderer. Almost everyone speaks English so you won’t feel lost. I don’t know of any female travel groups but they shouldn’t be too hard to locate through hashtags or Facebook searches. I’ll try and look into some for you and let you know, but don’t hesitate to get up and go. You’ll meet some of the most amazing people that way! 1) Pick your destination and book the flight 2) Look up potential hotel pricing or Airbnb rentals 3) Research things to do and how you’ll spend your time 4) Just get there!

I love that you always travel in sneakers and I want to do the same since I hate going through TSA barefoot when I wear sandals. I’m not normally a tennis shoe type of girl so can you list a few that are versatile? 

Sneakers anyone can easily wear in my opinion are these classic Converse, Vans, and Stan Smiths, which are currently only $60 at Nordstrom. I’m obsessing over this Adidas Tubular Shadow sneaker because of the olive + pink color combo. I’ve been wanting these Air Max 1’s for the longest and may finally get them. If you buy a pair of Free Run’s, you won’t regret it. They feel like you’re wearing a pair of comfy socks and these are under $100.

Soon, I’ll be hosting a vision board party for my friends & I as we transition to new chapters in our lives (college graduation, new jobs, marriage, grad school etc.). Do you have any activities & questions I should do & ask so that when it’s over we’ll all feel much more connected, motivated, & inspired? Thanks!

Vision boards are amazing. When I was going through the breakup that changed my life, I made my first one. Vision boards are about just that, the visions we have for our futures. I’ve never attended a vision board party but I do know that the one thing all of you all have in common is the fact that you all have aspirations further than where you are now and that’s a beautiful thing. Knowing you want more, want to do and be better is about half of what you need to achieve it. What all of you need to understand is that everything you imagine, cut out and glue onto those poster boards, can be yours. I encourage you to start “realistic”. My first vision board has two champagne glasses stuck in the sand, a Suze Orman success magazine cover, a type-writer with “Chapter One” on the piece of paper, and a few other things that emphasized peace, travel, and business. What I don’t want is any of you feeling disappoint if you put a private jet on yours and it doesn’t happen for you. Not saying it’s not possible, but aim for goals you can work towards in a timely manner. You’ve all made it this far and you can attain whatever you’re willing to work for. The images on the vision board are a reminder of that and help you on your daily journey to achieving your desires. Hell, I may make myself another one! LOL

Loved the options you put up for Black Tie dresses last week! Where do you normally shop for black tie gowns? I need one for this summer and don’t know where to start. 

Rent the Runway’s black tie options are amazing. I’ve rented my Holiday party dresses from them every year because I want elegance, but don’t want to keep a $500 dress in my closet. My favorite ASOS also has a ton of good gowns that are inexpensive. I check Revolve’s sale section. Nordstrom can have some good options but they can be a bit “older”, always worth a try though.

I’m going on a trip for Memorial Weekend and saw on your blog that you’ve been there: Banff, Alberta.  My questions are, is American money widely accepted or should we just use Canadian money for the entire trip? Also, did you work out an international plan with your phone provider or just stuck with ol’ faithful, WhatsApp? Lol

Banff was my absolute favorite trip last year, I really hope you love it. I used my debit card and American money for pretty much everything. I actually didn’t use Canadian money at any point. Any food I bought or activities we did we paid for in USD, so I wouldn’t worry about that. As far as my phone, I have Sprint which gives me access in Canada at a 3G speed for no additional cost. Definitely check with who your provider is before running your bill up Lol. I had signal everywhere (at a little slower speed) except for up in he mountains when we were hiking. Have fun!

I’m heading to Vegas and it’s going to be hottttt. I’m looking for some flowy dress recommendations to walk around in. Also looking for some sheer numbers to put over swimsuits. I’m about the same size as you. Help please! 

I love Vegas as long as I’m not there for more than 36 hours! Lol anything you need for a Vegas trip can be found at Forever21, one stop shop (seriously). Here are some options –

Last year you helped me get through a touggggh breakup. Well, now I’m in another pickle. I recently met this guy and everything is cool – we’ve hung out a lot, he’s cool, we mesh very very well, except for the fact that he said he is NOT looking for a relationship. He’s extremely busy, which I can see for myself, and he said he has goals he’s trying to achieve. I explained to him that I’m the type to hang out with somebody and naturally begin to like them even more, but he explained he can still supress those growing feelings because he knows he has an end goal in mind he’s trying to achieve professionally. Now, from what social media stalking you (LOL) has allowed me to see, you’re pretty busy as well. You live on a plane jet setting to beautiful cities around the globe, a corporate job AND you work out + dress nice. Do you think he’s lying and only wanted sex, or is it really possible that you can be “too busy”? Put ya virtual little sister up on game, please!

If a relationship is what you’re wanting, listen to exactly what the man is saying – he’s NOT looking for one.  Being “busy” and having goals is a good excuse to use as to why you just can’t fit the responsibility of commitment into your schedule… believe me, I’ve done it. Realistically, I really don’t have time to merge my life with another person between work, The B Werd, travel and everything else in between it’s very difficult to give someone else what I think they deserve from me. But even I’ve made time for the things that were important to me when I decided that person was worth it. Having goals isn’t an excuse to not want to pursue a relationship with someone, it’s a nice way of telling you he’s cool with what y’all have and to know it won’t go past where y’all are at now. He obviously has enough free time to hang out with you often, but not enough free time to get serious? They take the same amount of time! Professionally, him being single won’t get him a promotion at work any faster so instead of trying to figure out the real reason why he doesn’t plan to commit, accept his stance. If you know that moving forward you’re going to want more and he’s not going to be willing to give it, cut your ties now before you’re in too deep. Don’t make the mistake of trying to change his mind because his reason “why” isn’t really important. Whether it’s a good, bad, or bullshit reason doesn’t change the fact that he has no plans to pursue you. Be fair to yourself. Don’t give him what he wants if he’s not giving you what you want. Next time he calls let him know you’re “too busy” for him to come over.

Your skin is looking AMAZING these days on your Instastory! Please share what you’re using. 

Thank you! I had several weeks of really bad skin. I had bumps all along my cheeks and chin which was so frustrating because I was keeping my face clean. Out of desperation I switched all my products up after consulting with my friend Farran who had been seeing an esthetician. I picked up this CeraVe cleansing bar with these this daytime and nighttime moisturizer. I switched my toner out for this witch hazel which we’re convinced is the magic potion. I use this Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Exfoliant twice a week to get rid of dead skin and get a good scrub in and this charcoal mask once a week. Charcoal is great for reducing dark spots which my pimples leave me, especially since my skin is so fair. You can have great skin too giiiiirl!

Whew, that was a lot of questions LOL. Thank you guys for all the love. Also, I have a limited number of dad hats left that quickly! Get yours here. Send over all questions for next week via email or drop them below. Have a great and safe Memorial Day weekend!