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I just got bad news that will have me financially strapped, and I don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel right now. I’m now feeling overwhelmed and stressed. My question for you is, how do you deal with bad days? Either now, or maybe back when you were still trying to reach the stability you have now? (I’m assuming you have 🙂 ). I basically consider you my online mentor, so your insight would be very much appreciated!

Hey hun, thank you so much for reaching out to me! As together as it looks like I have it, I still have my days too. What I know for certain now is that a bad day, bad week or bad couple of months won’t last. I look back at so many things that didn’t go in my favor in the years that have passed, from being laid off, to broken up with and now realize that it’s all come together for my greater good. Of course while it was happening I couldn’t make sense of it and I was overwhelmed and in over my head many of the times, but I do know that I got exactly what I needed just when I needed it. Situations may cause you to be uncomfortable and even do things you don’t want to in the meantime, but it will always get better. I now have an understanding that things will pass as quickly as they came. Just as quickly as you feel things shifted for the worse, they will soon shift for the better. Put your best foot forward, do what’s best for you don’t stop working towards your goals because of a minor setback. It gets greater later!

I’m attending a black tie wedding in Houston Memorial Day weekend and was hoping you’d have suggestions on what to wear. I’d like to stay under $200.00!

I love a good black tie wedding. Really, I love any reason to get dressed up. For black tie weddings I want to get glam, but not so dressy that I’m uncomfortable moving around or dancing. Be careful with long dresses as well, I dread having to have them hemmed so I’ll usually opt for a midi dress. Black tie also doesn’t mean black dress. Spice it up with bright colors or lace details, just be sure and stay away from white. Here are some fun options –

Your weekly meals blog post was so help! You were right, the chicken and black bean tacos were ah-mazing! Please continue to share more of your favorite recipes.

I definitely will! I pretty much cook weekly except for the weeks I travel, because I’m not home to eat it. But just in case you need some inspiration before my next post here are some good ones to go off of. Here’s another crock-pot chicken recipe that’s delicious for tacos or burrito bowls. I think crock-pot chicken is seriously the only way I’m able to eat it after it’s been reheated. This blackened salmon is amazing even if you decide not to eat it in a salad. I’m a big fan of ground turkey so this stir fry gets made often and I never get tired of the leftovers.

I purchased your favorite pair of denim cut-offs from Etsy and wore them out. Do you have any other pair of shorts you’re loving for the summer?

I wore mine out too… bad. LOL, but I have gotten in some others that I like a lot. I’m really feeling longer shorts right now but here are some I’ve got in my cart –

I’m looking for some casual-ish summer maxi dresses (preferably around $100 or less) and would love your suggestions!

Casual can really vary, so I gave you some incredibly casual cotton options to some more sophisticated options. They range in price as well, here they are –

I have seen your popularity increase and I know that that comes from hard work and consistency. Has the increased popularity really affected anything negatively or has it more so just helped you develop your brand and reach more people? Do you get more positivisy than anything? I am working on getting ready to take the big leap and be more present on social media to eventually pour into starting something to help people get prepared to buy homes.I just want to make sure I have my ducks in a row.

That’s a very good question because it can so easily go either way. Some of my close friends have hundreds of thousands of followers and constantly have to weed through nasty comments and negative feedback when they post. For me, it’s done nothing but help. My only answer is because my brand was built very organically – by being me, sharing what I was comfortable with, and not trying to gain followers that weren’t in line with my beliefs. Realistically, the numbers never mattered to me because I’m a quality > quantity type of girl, but I do realize they’re important for other reasons. If they liked what I was about, that was great, if they didn’t I was fine with that too. When you begin to talk about the things you’re passionate about you really will begin to attract the people who are genuinely interested in what you have to say. Those who aren’t will either unfollow you or not visit your page again, which is perfectly fine. Go for it! Whether you’re helping 3 people or 300, you will feel a sense of fulfillment that will make any negativity disappear. Worst case scenario, utilize that block button sister. Hope this helps!

I’m sorry for the short #CoffeeTalk, it was a short work-week for me and I’m in LA for the weekend celebrating one of my best friend’s birthdays. Follow along on my Instastories! As always leave your #CoffeeTalk questions in the comments or send them over via email. Have a good weekend babes!