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I’m a 20 year old college student with a part-time job and I was wondering if you have any tips on how to build a closet/wardrobe like yours? I love clothing and actually want to pursue a career in fashion so I know I’ve gotta start building my image/brand more but my habit of buying clothing has gotten out of control that I start tapping into my savings account. I feel like I wear the same thing all the time which bores me but I’m kind of on a budget at the moment.

When I was in college, Forever21 and TJ Maxx were my best friends. Well, they kinda still are. It’s completely possible for you to develop a signature style with a minimal budget. Instead of trendy, aim for classics. I spent so much money on items that I wouldn’t touch six months after I purchased them and that’s a huge mistake (uhhh, name belts and Chinese sandals). I also have items in my closet from five years ago that I still wear often. Versatility is key. I mix and match new and old items, along with expensive and cheap finds and that’s why my wardrobe is so extensive. Opt for things like a classic white collared shirt. It can be worn by itself, tied up with denim and heels, under a blazer, or open with a bralette underneath it. Things like black blazers can be worn with skirts or dresses, with denim or even with a blouse and shorts. Find a way to make money off of the items you no longer wish to keep. Places like Buffalo Exchange will give you a tiny bit of cash for particular items, but something is better than nothing. I’ve even had garage sales where I made $250 selling items for $2 and $3. Use that money to re-up on your wardrobe. Do not, and I repeat, do not waste your money on overpriced items like Tory Birch flats, Coach bags or anything else of that sort. You can be just as cute with ballerina flats from Target and a bag from Aldo. Lastly, shop clearance. I still do that to this day. I log onto Forever21, ASOS, Missguided, HM, or Nordstrom and sort their sale items from low to high. Once I get to the items that cost more than $30, I check out. You’ll be surprised and what great items you find for under $20! You’re at a pivotal time where you should be keeping your money and not blowing it on material things. Shop smarter!

I’m looking for some cute summer sandals under $100 to add to my travel collection for the summer. Do you have any you’re eyeing?

I actually just bought several pair and am looking to add a couple more fun sandals to the mix. Here are my picks –

I recently relaunched and revamped my blog. I am wanting to partner with some small business to promote their products. Do you suggest sending them a media kit? What should be included besides a one page resume that outlines my blog stats and information about and the blog? If they accept the offer for me to help promote their items/brand who would inquire the cost of the marketing (i.e. photo sessions) of the product? Also, would I have to purchase the items that I will be promoting?

I’ve found that one page media kits are most efficient. They get straight to the point and tell them whatever it is they’re interested in knowing. Including a little about who you are, who your audience is and what your reach is. I’d also list rates at the bottom as well. With most promotional partnerships, you are responsible for creating the content to post. You’re responsible for staging the photos, editing them and getting them put up on whatever platforms you agreed to promote the products on. All they should be responsible for is giving you a check once you’re in compliance with your end of the agreement. Items that you promote should be included and shouldn’t cost you anything, so keep that in mind when pitching your rate. Your rate + the cost of your free items could turn them off if it’s too high.

I’m going on a weekend getaway with my boyfriend and am looking for a really cute jumpsuit to wear to dinner Saturday night. My size is similar to yours. 

Jumpsuits are my favorite because they’re worn so easily, don’t have to be paired with anything and are still able to make a statement. Here are some I’d pack –

I absolutely adore your informative blog! I’ve been thinking of doing a blog myself but I’m not sure exactly where to start. Can you please give me some suggestions and pointers?

Start by narrowing down exactly why you want to have a blog. It’s a lot of hard work and is incredibly time consuming so fun isn’t necessarily a word that I’d use when describing having one. If you’re passionate enough about something that you want to share what you have to say with others, then I’d say go for it. Once you decide exactly what it is that you’re going to be blogging about, define your audience. Who’s going to be reading what you write and what are they interested in knowing? From there, decide on a compelling blog name that pertains to the type of people who will be reading your blog. I chose The B Werd because my blog is for powerful women who are often considered bitches. It’s controversial and gets your attention. Plus my last name is Brand, and these are my words. Once you narrow down what your blog name will be, buy the domain name using GoDaddy.com. You can build your site using WordPress, Wix or Squarespace. They all come with tons of templates depending on the layout style you desire. After that, start talking and sharing. Use your social media channels to drive traffic back to your website. Hope this helps!

I really loved the floral mesh bodysuit you wore in Cuba and hate that it sold out before I could get it. Do you mind helping me find some similar items with the black background and red floral print?

I still have that bodysuit, you can buy it from me if you really want it! Lol here are some similar options for you –

Hi, I LOVE your blog and your business motto. You’re a true inspiration. I’m a Project Manager in the Telecommunication industry looking to go into the Marketing side of the business. Do you have any suggestions for how to make this transition?

Thanks boo! Each job you have is going to provide you with a different set of transferable skills. Communications and Marketing generally go hand-in-hand in corporate, so it should be a fairly easy transition. When you begin to look for potential marketing jobs, look for job descriptions that may be similar to what you currently do. Before I was actually in the Marketing industry, I was leasing apartments. When I began to look for jobs in my field, I used my transferable skills I had from leasing to capitalize off of the positions I wanted. Marketing is done in every aspect of a job, whether you’re passing out flyers, or selling your company to someone verbally. I may not have had a marketing title, but while leasing I was marketing our property, attracting potential customers and marketing through our social media channels. Tailor your resume to flatter marketing prerequisites, even if you weren’t in a marketing role and it will help make your transition seamless.

I’m headed to Cancun in a few weeks and am wanting some casual off the shoulder dresses to walk around in. You’ve had some really cute ones in the past so hopefully you can lead me in the right direction. 

Off the shoulder dresses are perfect for vacations. They’re low maintenance and allow you to show your tan off. I purchased a few of these below but love them all –

Hey there! I love your blog! My friends and I will be in Houston for a bachelorette party weekend. I was wondering if you heard of any parties or activities that will be going on during Memorial Day Weekend?

Thank you boo! I won’t be in town but I know of a few parties going on. Some pretty lit day parties on Saturday will be going on at Social Junkie and Lincoln Bar. On Sunday I highly suggest that you brunch at Bar 5015. The food is great, the DJ’s my favorite and I have more fun there than I do in any night club. The bottomless mimosas help 😉 y’all have fun!

I have a Marketing degree and have yet to find a job in my field. I have bills and I’m a mother so I can’t just settle for an internship right now. How do I network and get my foot in the door with starting my professional Marketing career? Do I have to move to NY and Cali? Do you know any sites where you can find paid internships?  I’m so over job searching I want to go to nursing school all of sudden but it’s something about press conferences that give me an adrenaline rush. Where do I start?

Unfortunately, many internships are going to be unpaid. You’re paid in experience. The only advice I have for finding paid ones is continuing to apply for them until one of them offers you some form of payment, which likely won’t be enough to survive off of. Both of my internships were unpaid, however after only three months I had enough credentials on my resume to easily land a job in my career path. They were also both part time internships where I worked less than 20 hours a week, while still working full-time at my regular job. It may be a short term sacrifice, but I’d suggest you do it if at all possible. I’m not sure where you live, but you likely will not have to move to find a job in your field. Marketing is available everywhere and is in abundance in major cities. If you decide to go to nursing school, that’s amazing – but keep in mind that you’ll be sacrificing another three years of your life not being in a career. Update your LinkedIn profile and search for internships there. Indeed.com worked wonders for me. Don’t underestimate the power of a Google search. Searching things like “paid internships in Houston” or “marketing internships for girls” will pull up pages of results that could be helpful for you. Good luck!

Thank you for all of the questions this week. I’ve been enjoying my time in Jamaica but have some really exciting things hitting the blog next week that will hopefully be some fuel to all of you! I’m really looking forward to it. As always, send any questions you have to me via email or leave them down below in the comments. Have a great weekend!