I have a full time job at a university and a part time job (just to kill time) at one of my favorite clothing stores. It’s hard to save for the future, shop, and travel, which is frustrating me because I feel limited in what I can do without tapping into my savings. Even with a masters degree, I feel that I need something on the side; like a side hustle. However, I am not talented and not skilled in any area(s). Can you give me some advice on how to create a successful side hustle for myself?

I am absolutely 110% supportive of every person over the age of 18 and under the age of 60 having a side hustle. Honestly, you don’t have to be too particularly skilled at anything to make money off of it, you just have to know enough about it to be of service to others. I personally am not too “skilled”. I can’t design a website or a brochure, I don’t offer any services like bartending or photography, but I was still able to eventually monetize my passions. The first thing I suggest you narrow down is whether or not you want to tap into your passion to feel fulfilled, or make additional money to feel fulfilled. If you want to tap into your passions, I suggest answering the questions on this post to narrow down what’s unique about you that will help others. You are good at something, if not many things. Do you dress well? Why don’t you try offering personal styling or shopping? Are you crazy about animals? Consider a dog walking or animal-sitting service. Even if you’re not good at something, find a hole in the market that could be filled. What about an Uber-type service for alcohol delivery? Begin by capitalizing on the things you love and then narrow down how others would be able to benefit from that.

I’m looking for some cute swimsuits to pack on my anniversary trip to the Bahamas. I love your style and while I’m in shape for my age, I’m not nearly as cute as you in a bikini šŸ˜‰ do you have any affordable and appropriate one piece options for a gal like me?

You are really flattering me there! LOL I have plenty for you to pick from! Some are on the higher end of $100 that are amazing quality. If you’re like me and only plan to wear the swimsuit once or twice, I included some alternative options as low as $8.99… seriously. You two have fun!

How do you deal with a manager that is rude? I’m just starting my career, I only have a year and some months with this company and less than a year with my current team. I’m in the corporate world as well (business) and I’m the only female on my team. My manager knows his stuff and as of yet I haven’t had any bad reviews about how I do my job. I appreciate the criticism but the tone and how he approaches things at times is really unnecessary. It’s to the point where I’m so stressed with this job that I’m starting to hate it. Have you ever dealt with this, and if so how do you deal with it? My career is very important to me and I take pride in doing a great job and doing my best to get it done but at times I’m just over it.

I’ve been so lucky to work for some incredible managers that haveĀ not only befriended me, but looked out for me and taken prideĀ in making sure I enjoyed my job. If we’re being honest, I think that has a lot to do with my strong attitude and dominant demeanor that basically gives the “I don’t play that shit” vibe to them. I’m not an easy target, so people usually think twice before they say anything unnecessary to me. How you view yourself is often how others will view you. I’ve seen first hand how managers can be belittling, insulting, and overall hindering to people they target. Regardless of how long you’ve worked for the team, they should all be speaking to and handling you in a respectful manner. The best advice that I can give is to speak up. They will continue to assume they can get away with talking to you any kind of way if you don’t correct them. This can be done very professionally. I actually suggest you keep your emotions out of it. The work place nor a conversation with men are places where feelings are well-respected. Unfortunately, often times we have to teach people how to treat us. There’s nothing wrong with asking to speak with him privately and redirecting him by saying things like “in the future I’d really appreciate it if x, y, z” or “I really do appreciate the constructive criticism but it would be more beneficial if you x, y, z the next time you feel there’s something I can do better”. You can be clear without having to necessarily be direct. If that isn’t enough to have him handle you differently, I’d look for a new company. A year+ is plenty of time to have a job on your resume these days and you have no time to stay at a job that you don’t enjoy. Best of luck!

I’ve been loving your workout outfits on Instastory lately and I’m trying to hop on the bandwagon. What shoes do you prefer to wear in the gym?

The first pair of shoes I started running in were Nike Roshe’s, they were super light weight and comfortable. I then went onto Nike Free Runs, then eventually Fly Knits which have still proven to be my favorite. Any of those three are incredibly comfortable and weigh nothing on your feet. I’ve gotten a few of mine from Finish Line on sale. Here are my favorites –

Do you have any Mother’s Day suggestions under $100? I love my mom but I’m a college student who needs to keep it light. Thanks!

I’m not a mother but most of the women in my life are. I got my boss this sweatshirt to chase her kiddos around in because coffee is our thing LOL. This coffee mug is simple and chic if she drinks coffee or tea and is under $20. You can’t go wrong with an initial necklace, this jersey robe for relaxing around the house, this oversized tote, these modern wine glasses, or this Flower Bomb travel perfume. Don’t forget a card! Most mom’s value the sentiments behind the gift more than they do the actual gift.

My company recently implemented a new dress code that allows me to wear jeans to work every day as long as they’re not distressed. This is a game changer except I only own about three pair due to our prior dress code. I’m open to skinny, high waist and wide leg options under $100. Help please!

Now that’s a reason to love your job LOL. The good thing is there’s plenty of great quality denim for under $100 that I normally get from Saks Off 5th or Nordstrom Rack. Basics are the best place to start. I suggest darker pairs to pair with black blouses and lighter denim to pair with white, cream, gray and pink blouses.

I’ve been reading your blog since you first started and I love it! One of your first outfit posts was a floral suit with a pair of white mules and I’ve been on the hunt for some ever since. Can you help me find a similar pair? I’m open to any color.

Those mules were one purchase I was uncertain about and ended up being so grateful that I went through with it. Those mules are one of my favorite pairs of shoes to throw on in the Spring and Summer with shorts, rompers, heels, skirts and dresses. Here are some I’m eyeing and actually have in my cart –

What advice do you have for women wanting to start a blog? I’ve had the urge to start a blog for so long now but haven’t taken the time out to get it done. I’m hesitant to begin for several reasons, the main one being I feel like no one will read it. The second one being indecisive about whether or not I’ll be able to remain consistent. Do you think it’s worth my time?

Anything is worth your time if it’s something you really desire to do. I don’t have any background details to determine whether or not you should invest your time into starting and maintaining a blog but from your two biggest concerns I can say that you doubt yourself more than you doubt your ability to be able to successfully have a blog. If you’re concerned about not having an audience, you must make sure that whatever you’re creating is going to be compelling enough to draw a crowd that will continue to come back to read what you have to say. Consistency is without a doubt the only way to grow something digitally. We see videos go viral and never see the creators again because they gave us something good once and couldn’t keep it up. You will remain as consistent as you vow to be, but you know yourself better than I do and if you’re questioning your consistency before you even have anything to be consistent with, I’d be concerned.

Have you added any supplements into your diet like Herbalife or It Works and if so, what are the results?

Nope! Everything I purchase can be bought at your local grocery store. I do typically drink a protein shake in the mornings after my fasted cardio that consist of organic chocolate muscle milk (so freakin’ good), unsweetened vanilla almond milk, a scoop of collagen powder for my skin (has no taste), and this organic vanilla whey protein powder. If I want to switch the flavor up I can do so by adding bananas, strawberries or chai seeds. I take a daily multi-vitamin, along with B12, fish oil and vitamin C ’cause ain’t nobody got time to be sick. Before my workouts, I drink this Amino Energy in watermelon or fruit fusion. Tastes like juice, gives me energy without the jitters and doesn’t come with all the other side effects most pre-workouts do.

Thank you for all of the questions! I answered as many as time permitted but I’m headed to Jamaica. Follow me on Instagram @greeneyesgoldsoul for my Instastories and expect a new travel guide and vlog soon! Leave any questions for the next episode of #CoffeeTalk in the comments down below or send them over via email in the “ABOUT” section of my site.

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  1. Jennifer Brown
    May 5, 2017 / 11:05 am

    Hi, I LOVE your blog and your business motto. You’re a true inspiration. I’m a true Project Manager in the Telecommunication industry looking to go into the Marketing side of the business. Do you have any suggestions for how to make this transition?