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You mentioned on one of your Instagram posts that you shouldn’t “run in place with never ending to-do lists”. Can you define what you mean with this phrase?

When I say that, I mean that many of us who are busy trying to get things done seem to have never ending to-do lists. As soon as we cross one or two things off of the top, we’ve added five or six things back onto the bottom and at the end of the week, it seems we still haven’t gotten anything important done. A lot of the tasks that we do are similar to running in place, or a hamster in a wheel… we’re constantly moving but not getting anywhere. If the tasks that you’re handling are not propelling your brand or business a step forward, you’re not prioritizing them correctly. Picking up your dry cleaning is a task, so is pitching to a potential brand you’ve been wanting to work with, or applying for med school. Which is going to move you forward? Get very intentional with what it is that needs to be done for you to spark change in your life.

I’m hosting my best friends bridal shower next month and I’m looking for a very dainty flowy midi skirt. I’m even open to a tulle one! Do you know of any cute ones? Any color works

I’ve been wanting somewhere to wear one of those skirts to for the longest and never had a place for them. A bridal shower is perfect! There are so many cute ones and they’re all pretty inexpensive. I might just buy one to save it for a special occasion lol.

I’ve had my blog longer than you’ve had yours but I struggle with consistency. How do you manage consistency and grow your audience? 

Honestly, I force it. Nothing will grow without consistency. Plants need to consistently be watered, muscles need to consistently be built and blogs and Instagram accounts need consistency to grow audiences. Consistency is the easy part, as long as you make the time for it. Use a content calendar to plan what you’re going to write about on your blog posts and think of ways you can add value to your audience. The difficult part of creating content that is useful, in depth and valuable enough to gain a consistent reader. I never strategically tried to grow an audience. My following grew organically from posting things that would help others and being myself.

I love your eyebrows! Do you get them microbladed or would you consider it?

Thank you! Nope, no microblading here. I’ve been using Anastasia’s brow pomade and pencil in ebony for years. The pomade easily lasts me a year, but I keep the pencil in my makeup bag for emergencies. I don’t mind taking the time out to do them in the morning so I don’t see any microblading in my future. Eyebrows can get trendy so “semi-permanent” doesn’t sound good to me lol.

What are the first three things that you notice about a man?

The first three things I notice about a man are whether or not he’s clean cut, if he smells good, and how his clothes fit. Clean cut means a fresh haircut, groomed nails, clean ears (yes, clean ears) etc. Cologne is big for me. I love a man I can smell when he walks past and scents that linger after he’s gone, yum. Lastly, well put together. A tailored suit or fitted jeans, your shirt fits your body-type well. Simple right? Lol

I’m starting my first post-grad job next month and am looking for a must-have career staple to purchase before then. What do you suggest?

A black blazer, for sure. Even in Houston when it’s 100 degrees, I will throw a black blazer on over a dress, with a skirt, or a pair of slacks and be out of the door. I’ll even wear one on Friday’s with denim and flats for a more casual look. It’s one of those items that you can wear repeatedly without being judged or feeling uncomfortable. If it doesn’t fit perfectly when you purchase it, I suggest getting it tailored. It makes a world of difference. Here are my picks –

Do you think mentors are important? Should I seek out a woman that is where I want to be and ask for guidance?

I absolutely think mentors are important. We won’t live long enough to learn everything on our own. Keep in mind successful women (and men) are incredibly busy and may not be in a place where they can mentor you, and that’s OK. I personally don’t have a mentor, but I interact with women who teach me new things on a daily basis and help me connect the dots of whatever it is I’m trying to achieve. There’s something to be learned from everyone you encounter, not just those you admire. And you don’t have to work closely with those that you admire in order to gain something from them.

It seems like you always have your laptop with you. How do you keep it from getting torn up? I purchased a MacBook Pro recently but need a cute tote or laptop bag for it.

I basically do LOL. I try and have it available at all times because I never know when I’ll have the opportunity to work. I try not to carry around a bulky laptop bag so I protect my Macbook with this rose gold case (only $13.99) and toss it into this tote that I purchased for work. Plus people think it’s a purse and it’s not as obvious as a work bag. Here are the ones I have and some cute alternatives as well –

Thank you for the #CoffeeTalk questions! Please reach out to me by leaving your comments below or sending them over via email to make sure I get to them. Have a great weekend babes! xx

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  1. April 3, 2017 / 11:17 am

    Hello, I have a question for the next coffee talk. On Instagram you stated that you’re broke because you recently purchased a camera. I thought that was real and a lesson on investing in yourself. My question is what kind of camera did you purchase and why? Thank you.