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With everything you have to balance all at once, how do you avoid feeling overwhelmed? I struggle with anxiety and have a hard time getting things done with so much on my plate.

Oh believe me, I have those same struggles. There are some things that sit on my to-do list for months and I’m not proud about that. But realistically what it means is that it’s not that important, it’s just something that I want to eventually get done. I’ve boiled my method down to a simple priority process. At the start of my week, I take the top three priorities for both my 9-5 and my side hustle and list them out. These are the top six things that have to get taken care of that week that are critical in order for me to move onto the next thing. On the side I have a list of other things I’d like to do, but don’t beat myself up if I don’t get to them. This helps me take care of what’s really important while still keeping less important things on my brain.

I loved the decor at the event you put together for your sister’s birthday. If your events look this great, your home must look AMAZING lol. Can you please provide some of your favorite things to buy and places to shop for home decor? I’m still trying to get it together.

My home is a damn mess right now LOL. This double-hustle life will have you digging clean clothes out of a hamper I swear, but I do love decor! There’s something about a room with a good vibe that enhances your mood, how well you sleep and how good you feel so I take that into accountability. I’m a big bargain shopper and only splurge on big pieces like couches or artwork. On any given day I’ll walk into HomeGoods, Ross, Target, or Marshalls, and pick-up whatever catches my eye. The only issue with that is I never know exactly what they’ll have in stock or if it will be there the next time I visit. I shop on Overstock religiously and have found so many items for cheaper on the site. Z Gallerie is always my design inspo. Navy and mustard are trending heavily as well as rose and white. I love both and think they both give a luxe feel.  Start with a couch, then add a rug. Tables, lamps and art can come secondary.

Which camera do you recommend for your photos?

The majority of my photos that I take for the blog are taken on a Canon T5i with the standard lens. If it’s a quick Instagram photo I’ll take it with my iPhone, edit it and then post. I hear great things about the SonyA6000 and will definitely make that my next purchase. It’s tiny and has incredible photo and video quality.

I’m going to Cabo this summer with my girlfriends. Do you have any recommendations on where we should go or any activities we should partake in? Also, would you please share your favorite swimsuits and cover-ups for this season?

Ahhh, I love Cabo! It’s a beautiful place. The only issue with Cabo is that you can hardly swim in the water because it’s so choppy. I’d definitely suggest taking a boat cruise to the Arc of Cabo. Lovers Beach is the most popular and Cabo Wabo is a popular place for music. Me Cabo has a really fun day party with a DJ and allows the public in for lunch and bottle service. El Farallon is a must-try restaurant with the most incredible view. Below are my swimsuit and cover-up picks –

Let me just say thank you for your content that you do, they do motivate me. It’s also even inspired me to start my own blog but two things are holding me back. I don’t have a big following on my Instagram or Twitter. Secondly, I was wondering if I could do my website myself or do I need to get a graphic designer to do it for me?

I have to be honest with you, it’s going to be incredibly difficult to begin a blog if you have a small following. Not because your passion isn’t important, but because it will feel as if you’re creating content in vain. It’s going to be really hard to keep momentum going in something that’s going to bring little traction. Having a blog is more time consuming than I would’ve imagined and one of the few things that keeps me going is knowing that readers are waiting to hear from, or see me. There are things you can do prior to creating a blog to build your following like create actual social media content meant to build your following, post good quality photos and interact with others you’d like to work with and know. A blog sounds like a big deal but with few readers you’ll be better off building that brand across social media. As far as designing a website, there are several easy options. I purchased my design for $250 and had it installed by the designer. Other websites like WIX and Squarespace have free templates ready to go for those of us who want to get rolling with a blog and will have you up and running in just a few minutes.

I absolutely love everything about your blog and vision. It has been extremely inspiring to me! So much that I am in the beginning of creating something of my own. Quick question, how did you know what media outlet you wanted to use? I.e. blog, and not a podcast or YouTube. Also, I’m not very computer/web graphics savvy. Do you have any tips for how I could find my own help and what qualities I should look for in them?

Thank you so much for the compliments! I’m so glad you’re enjoying The B Werd. For me personally, YouTube and Podcasts never crossed my mind. I wanted a place where I could archive my thoughts similar to the way Carrie Bradshaw had a column in the New York Star. I had a vision for how I wanted to get my message across and went with it, plus I was naturally a writer so it was fitting from the start. YouTube was never an option for me, because I didn’t want to be a beauty or fashion blogger doing any sort of tutorial. It took my quite a while to even get comfortable with hearing my own voice. Anything you need to know about having a blog can be Googled. I’ve taught myself so much simply by typing it into a Google space bar. Just because we don’t know how to do it yet doesn’t mean we can’t find out. The best way to find help is just to ask. Create a status on Facebook, send a Tweet. People will recommend those they know and trust. The qualities you should look for in anyone who’s going to help you work on your business are credibility, quality work, and timely response.

I want to personally thank you so much for sharing Christina’s story with us this week. When we see you both in photos we see the obvious. You both are beautiful, ambitious, intelligent and life looks perfect. It means a lot to us regular women to know that we’re not alone in our everyday struggles from relationships to the stress of figuring out life decisions. Thank you for your transparency. 

You truly don’t have to thank me, or her. This is the exact purpose of The B Werd. To be honest, transparent, and straight up about what we’re walking through daily. Don’t get me wrong, our lives are amazing but we’re regular women just like anyone else. None of the things you listed us as exempt us from the realities of real life. We’re learning daily just like you. I’ve done things in my past that I would’ve done differently but own them and acknowledge them. I’ve been cheated on, broken up with, heartbroken and regretful just like anyone else. It’s life! We’re living it and we’re so open to sharing it with all of you because you need to know you’re not the only one struggling with whatever you’re struggling with.

I’m set to go on a Caribbean cruise with my boyfriend next month for my birthday. I loved the white off the shoulder dress you wore in Cuba, but it’s out of stock. Do you have any recommendations for cute white midi dresses that would be perfect for vacation?

The most similar dress I was able to find to the one I wore in Cuba is this one, but there are a ton of gorgeous open-shoulder white dresses below –

I’ve been a fan of yours since Twitter days and your blog is so amazing! I have a question, I’m in school studying business for marketing and I see you went to school for business as well. Could you explain to me exactly what a PR professional is and outside of The B Werd, what you do for a living in the corporate world. It really seems interesting and you are so effortless.

A PR professional is going to vary depending on the industry that you’re in. Essentially, we build relationships between a brand or company and the public. It’s our job to build relationships as well as shape the opinion of how we’re perceived. So if you’re doing PR for a skincare line, your job will be to get your product in front of the people who will buy and vouch for your skincare, as well as creating the messaging you want to accompany your product. I work in the Engineering industry, which means our work is generally based off of trustworthy relationships with clients. My job is to keep the clients that we work with happy and taken care of and to keep our company in front of them. I do this by putting together events they can attend, hosting them, and supporting them in their work whether it be with time or monetarily. It’s a lot of hard work and incredibly hectic, especially because it’s a male dominated industry. I have to be able to juggle ten things at once without forgetting to do any of them. I have to solve problems quickly without consulting with anyone and put fires out daily. You certainly have to have a particular personality for PR. You have to be quick on your feet and able to handle everything independently if necessary without becoming overwhelmed.

Whew! I feel like I was talking forever LOL. Thank you for all of the questions! You’ll be glad to know my first YouTube video is wrapped up and ready to watch. I’ll be sharing the link with you guys next week. As always, send any #CoffeeTalk questions you may have to me via email, DM, or by commenting below. Have a great weekend! xx

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  1. Brianna
    April 4, 2017 / 6:50 pm

    I’m looking into starting my own blog but I’m having a difficult time with installing wordpress.org on my mac. I don’t even know where to begin when trying to install MAMP because the mysql server is not working at all so I just uninstalled it so I can start over. How did you get past this process when starting your blog? I was wondering if you could cover this question in your next coffee talk post.