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What do you think your biggest flaw is?

That’s a good question. I’d probably say that I don’t care about anything. I don’t care about anything unless I care about it and once I care about it, I really care about it. If that makes sense? I don’t allow myself to sweat small stuff, I don’t care to know what’s going on in so-and-so’s life etc., so it comes off as me being incredibly nonchalant and realistically, I probably really don’t care lol. I’ve fallen out with several men for replying “I don’t care” but I mean that in the most harmless way possible. Life’s short! I have to care about what’s going to matter five years from now, not what matters in the next five minutes.

Can you give some examples on your blog on how you “don’t take any shit”?

When I tell you not to take any shit, that means avoid letting anyone deal you less than what you deserve. This only works if you’re self aware and in-tune with your true self. If you’re not you’ll either 1) always allow people to get over on you because they’re “human and make mistakes” or 2) you’ll think you deserve more than you do and won’t know when compromise is necessary. Don’t let friends take advantage of you, don’t let men treat you bad, don’t let bosses get over on you and hold you back. You can live a peaceful life all by yourself. If you deal with anyone who rattles that, you’re taking too much shit. Don’t take no shit!

Do you think that working as hard as you do has taken away from your dating life? What advice do you have for other boss babes trying to build empires but don’t want to end up old maids?

Eh, yes and no. I don’t have a lot of free time on any day, so the free time I do get I try to intentionally spend building in some way. Whether I’m blogging, working out, reading, brainstorming, shooting, cleaning up (yes I have to make time for that) all of my time can be utilized for something that benefits me. But the saying goes, you make time for what you want; and that’s true. It may not be as much time as the other person would like, but hopefully they’ll understand I’m busy and make the time when I can. It sounds selfish but I’m not going to put my passions on the back burner for something that may fizzle out. I can’t get that time back so I’m choosy about where I spend it. Building your business brick by brick is SO time consuming. Focus on yourself. I absolutely plan to be married at some point, hopefully to a man that’s equally as driven so he’ll understand what it takes. Until then, don’t “look” for love. You’ll run into it.

I’m a sophomore student from Chicago, majoring in Public Relations. Lately, I’ve been so excited to learn everything I can about PR. I feel ready to dive into the field. However, the more I read on the internet, the more discouraged I feel. I keep reading that the pay is rather low, high stress levels, and work is 24/7. I’m also interested in Marketing, and creating. I read your LinkedIn profile, and saw you’ve dabbled in both. You make the PR life look so awesome, I guess I would just like some insight on what it’s like! Do you think it’s worth it? Do you prefer PR to Marketing?

The difference in the marketing and PR experience you’ll receive is completely dependent upon the industry you’re in. I’m in engineering, so we “market” our company by writing proposals to get work. That wasn’t my style. Had I been designing billboards, social media campaigns and holiday cups for Starbucks, I would’ve loved marketing. PR in my field is client oriented; they’re our “public”. I plan a lot of events to keep them happy and work on things I enjoy like media, social media and internal communications. Had I worked for McDonalds, I’d be writing press releases defending why a rat was found in a milkshake. Ask those questions in your interviews. Know the kind of work you’re getting into before you commit to do it 40-hours a week. As far as pay, yep. You’ll be broke for a few years! It’s not the worst thing in the world if you’re loving what you do. Starting salaries for both are rather low but both also grow with experience. Listen to me, get a job you will enjoy going to for the next two years even if it’s less than what you want to make. If they pay you enough to survive, take it. Get the experience, then you can apply for the positions that pay.

Me and my boyfriend booked a trip to Puerto Rico for New Years and I’m so excited! Do you have any cute beachwear ideas? I’m open to rompers, maxi’s, cover-ups and other cute pieces!

Aw, that’s sweet! You guys will love it. I picked a little bit of everything for you and everything gives me a Puerto Rico vibe –

I’ve been single for almost a year and am really ready to jump back into something serious. My problem is I’m having trouble finding someone who wants to be serious. I’ve made the mistake of ignoring red flags early on and it’s gotten me no where. Do you think there’s a time frame I should put on men I meet to see how serious he is before cutting him off? I don’t want to waste any more time.

Then don’t waste any more time. Use your time to do the things that you enjoy, to work on yourself and enjoy your own company. When I quit trying to control things, in particular people, my life became so much easier. I quit worrying about what a mans intentions were and instead allowed them the space to show me. It doesn’t take much other than for you to relax and pay attention. Women are so quick to want to know whether or not a man wants to be with them. Reality is, you don’t know that man well enough in 60 days to even know if YOU want to be with him. Men show you early on whether or not they’re serious. Consistency plays a big factor. It’s not rocket science, if anyone leaves you feeling uncertain they’re probably not for you.

I’m graduating in December and already have an accounting job lined up with a big corporate company. I want to dress the part but there’s a catch… I don’t make any money yet. I’ll have about $200 to spend on things I can rotate. What were your go-to’s when you started working?

 You can certainly still show up feeling ready for a fraction of the price. TJ Maxx, Ross, Forever21, and H&M all have good quality items that fit within your budget. Essentials are a neutral colored skirt, a blazer, a few pairs of tailored pants and a handful of interchangeable blouses that can be put under jackets and cardigans. All of these are under $50 –

Your blog’s inspired me to pursue my dream to become a blogger, specifically a lifestyle blogger. You run your blog exactly how I want to run mine but I’m kind of lost. I was wondering as to how you manage your posts and how you find topics? Are your posts written in advance?

I’m so happy to hear you’re ready to do what you’ve always wanted! That’s exactly what this blog is for. The point of a lifestyle blog is to essentially blog about what your life is like. The topics I post about are related to what I deal with in my career, my dating life, pursuing my purpose, in the things I like to do and the way I like to dress. None of my posts are written in advance which is probably why I didn’t post until Thursday this week but I don’t want to say things just to say them. I want them meaningful and valuable, so I post when I’m able to provide you that. I wait for a topic to come to me in conversation or thought, then I expand on it. Your real life is enough to keep the conversation going consistently.

Any everyday purse suggestions under $150? Something neutral so I’m not switching it with every outfit.

I’m really not a big purse person either, I’d much rather splurge on shoes. But I will buy a nice quality bag to tote around everyday, here are my options –

Why don’t you use Snapchat?! I think we’d all love to see more of your day-to-day life. 

My day-to-day life isn’t exciting enough to keep y’all entertained on Snapchat LOL I think a lot of you would be surprised that I’m not as “poised” as I look in my pictures. I see people who read my blog in public and when they introduce themselves I promise I think “damnit! They know I’m ratchet now” hahaha. If it helps any, I’ve been try to use Instastories to document my day when I’m actually doing something.

You mentioned before you were hesitant to open up because of criticism. Now that you have, how are you dealing with it?

In all honesty, I haven’t received very much criticism at all and if I have, they’re not saying it to me. I don’t have any “haters” or naysayers that I’m aware of at this point. Hopefully that means everyone’s enjoying what I’m doing and saying. All of you have been beyond kind with your words. The harshest I’ve gotten so far was someone who told me I needed to work on my “grammer” and take additional “writting classes”. I was unphased lol.

I love bodysuits just as much as you do! Have you purchased any long sleeve ones lately? Please share what you’ve got your eye on.

You know that I live for a bodysuit LOL I pair them with jeans or pencil skirts and put a coat, leather jacket or trench over them. It doesn’t get too cold in Houston so it’s not like I have to wrap up. I have a few of these and my eye on the others.

As always, thank you guys for all the questions! Feel free to submit your questions via email, Instagram or below. Have a great weekend! xx


  1. October 28, 2016 / 11:26 am

    Love this post. I too don’t typically plan out my blog post. I may take down notes if ideas come to mind so I don’t forget. Its more natural after having conversations or seeing what people are talking about on social media or an interaction that I’ve had that inspired the post.

    • Courtney
      October 28, 2016 / 3:00 pm

      Jasminne, that’s exactly what I’ve wanted this entire thing to be. Natural and very “me”. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some really good posts before I could get to them but life goes on LOL keep the process natural!

  2. October 28, 2016 / 1:32 pm

    The person that said you need to work on your grammar and take writing classes, is a joke! I literally chuckled a little. I’m glad it didn’t phase you. I too have a lifestyle blog that is still very new and I write sometimes too- and everytime I read your posts I’m like– “dang, she’s good I need to take some more writing classes.” There will always be haters picking on whatever they can!!! The way you write, inspires me!

    • Courtney
      October 28, 2016 / 3:01 pm

      LOL! Thank you so much Yari, that makes me feel so special! I just checked your blog out and it looks really good. Your photos are bomb too! Keep at it <3

  3. October 30, 2016 / 9:58 am

    Love your Coffee Talk session.

    I completely understand when you say “I don’t care”. Sometimes my dry responses, lack of enthusiasm in my voice or facial expressions are taken too personally. “It” just really does not phase me, does not impact my life, my coins or my growth, so yes “I don’t care.

    I love your don’t take no shit philosophy. You definitely hit it on the head with having to be self aware and in-tune. Emotionally intelligent as well. There will always be someone out there trying to take advantage of you, treat you less than your worth, get over on you or block your growth. It is up to you to stand tall and not take their shit or anyone else’s for that matter.

    • Courtney
      November 1, 2016 / 10:26 am

      Right?! It’s not personal! I don’t have to care! LOL thank you for reading boo! That, I do care about 😉

  4. Brie
    October 31, 2016 / 10:21 am

    Still so in love with your blog it is growing amazingly and congrats on the W mag feature. Your blog is definitely a safe haven for the boss babe over achievers still trying to figure out how to graduate from professional school, make money, SLAY all day, and find a man. I love it !

    • Courtney
      November 1, 2016 / 10:28 am

      Thank you so much Brie! That makes me so happy to hear. It’s so good to know so many of us are walking the same path. It’s a great place to be. Thank you for reading! <3

  5. October 31, 2016 / 10:35 pm

    I always love your CoffeeTalk posts but the answer you gave to the PR student truly resonated with me today. I’ve just taken a job as a PR and Events Coordinator and I believe in that ideology of taking a job you really enjoy even if the pay isn’t that high. They’ll be paying me enough to survive, the job description is right up my alley and I’ll be working in an industry I love (Tourism) so it’s a good place to start. Thank you always for creating this platform, sharing your wisdom and being an inspiration to many women including myself. Also if you haven’t gotten to visit the Cayman Islands, I’m sure you’d enjoy my beautiful islands. 🙂 x Rae

    • Courtney
      November 1, 2016 / 10:39 am

      Congratulations hun! That’s wonderful news. Believe me, if you’re enjoying what you do is just as rewarding as a high paying job…. for now lol. I have yet to go to the Cayman Islands but when I decided to visit I’ll certainly let you know 🙂 Thank you for reading!