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I’m also getting married and wanted to know if you had any ideas for a bridal shower dress? I’m open to wearing white and shades of blush. 

I have no bridal shower in sight, but I’ve run into so many dresses I would want to wear to mine! When I finally do get mine planned I’m gonna have a really hard time deciding on one LOL. Here are some stunning options!

I love your blog! Any advice for a black woman who’s struggling to get her career off the ground? I finished my Master’s program a little over four years ago and I’ve only had success with temporary work (e.g., internships, grant-funded positions, etc.). Sadly, my previous roles didn’t lead to anything permanent; and at this point, all of my professional experience is spotty. Early on in my job search, I was at least getting interviews. Now I’m lucky if I get an email. To make ends meet, I’ve taken on part-time work as a nanny and a Lyft driver. Should I keep going or should I abandon my career aspirations and just start over in another field?

Thank you so much! Unfortunately, it can be more and more difficult to land a job the further away you get from graduation. As time passes, we become over qualified for entry level positions with no experience to back it up. It’s hard for me to say whether or not you should start over in another field, not knowing what your field is, but I’d hate for you to not be able to use everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Does your field allow some kind of consulting? You could always do that individually for multiple companies, or even use that as a way to prove yourself as a company you’d like to work at. I’d also suggest investing in a professional resume. Websites like Top Resume and Career Booster help thousands of people land their dream jobs. It could very easily be a simple mistake such as not using the correct keywords or headings. If you do decide to switch fields, use whatever transferable skills you have to build a resume that makes you sound experienced. I know it can easily be discouraging, but think outside of the box! Good luck!

I really have admired your confident and wanted to get your advice on dating someone with kids and how to cope with the situation as well as the role you play in. Currently, I’ve just been playing like the “cool aunt” in which I am perfectly fine because I don’t want to overstep any boundaries. I currently live with them and they’re amazing kids. I don’t have kids nor was I ever married so it can be difficult to feel confident in the situation at times. He does a great job of attending my needs and time and making me feel special. But for some reason I feel at times it’s not enough because I’m naturally selfish. He gets along very well with his ex wife and his other baby mother. I guess I get a little insecure at times knowing I’m not the only woman in his life. Any advice on how to look at the situation and be more confident without letting my insecurities affect my relationship with him? 

Whew! That is really a tough one. At the end of the day, it’s going to all boil down to preference. I was actually in a similar situation with my last boyfriend. He had a daughter, who was such a sweet and smart little girl, but I couldn’t deny the fact that I was bothered by it. I never wanted to date a man with kids, but he was so much of what I wanted that I was willing to bend in that instance. She was a great kid, but it became difficult because I knew when it came to having children and starting a family, I wanted me and my husband to experience parenthood for the first time together. There would be times where we’d be enjoying our Sunday, but it had to end early so that he could go and get his daughter or times where I couldn’t lay on him or kiss him cause she was around. Knowing I’d always come second to his daughter didn’t sit well with me long term, but I still put my best foot forward. I would make it a point to plan activities that included her, like making gingerbread houses or going to the pumpkin patch. It got to the point where I enjoyed her and cared about her well-being, even if it wasn’t ideal. Our relationship ended up not working out, but in essence had he been the one for me I would’ve had to get acclimated to the idea of having a daughter, so just give it a shot. Blended families are more and more common, so if he’s not mistreating you it’s worth seeing if you can handle – but don’t feel guilty for your selfishness. Going into this relationship, you likely knew he had children and an ex-wife, so this isn’t news. What are your nonnegotiable’s? He treats you well, makes time for you, has allowed you to live with him and his children – that says a lot. Consider all the things that you’ve found in him and less of what he’s missing. I can say now that I’m engaged and neither of us have children, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way but I definitely considered it. I hope this helps!

I’ll be turning 30 next month. I have been through a lot in life (including battling PTSD and depression) but I am celebrating life and I plan to ring in my birthday in Spain. I normally wear black all the time, but I would love to wear red since it will be out of the box for me. I have been looking all over for a long red dress that screams celebration. What would you recommend, please help! Thank you so much!

Ahhh, celebrating a birthday in Spain sounds like a dream! I hope you have the best time – you deserve it. Here are several gorgeous red dresses for you to choose from. Take lots of pictures 😉

Firstly, congratulations on your engagement. I can not wait to see how everything comes together for you! I am going on a weekend trip to New Orleans the beginning of March and have been STRUGGLING hunty with my packing. Any advise on what to pack?

Thank you so much! Planning definitely is no punk LOL but we’re excited. New Orleans is funnnnn but don’t stress yourself out on what to pack. It’s a super laid back place that involves a ton of walking, so put comfort over everything. It should be warm, so you can do a cute romper or a breezy dress to explore in the daytime. I’ve even done Bourbon street in a midi dress and sneakers, so don’t feel like you’ve gotta do too much! A pair of jeans and a cute top will suffice for night time, unless you have plans to go out then dresses are definitely appropriate.

I couldn’t help but notice your flawless, glowing skin in your recent Hawaii posts on IG. I’m wondering if you have done laser hair removal? I thought to ask you because we have a very similar skin color… very tan in summer, light in winter (I’m mixed Greek/Black). I’m looking to start and wanted to know your input if you have done laser. I’ve read ND YAG works well for individuals with darker shades of skin. Any thought on this? Alexandrite laser seems to be too strong for my skin… I’ve actually been burned before 😒 If you have any information, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you! I have not done laser hair removal before, but my sister did. We’re not too hairy, but our hair grows in very dark. She got 4 treatments on her top lip and is still having to get it threaded, so I’m going to pass. My skin is also superrrr sensitive. Even waxing on my face will cause me to get a rash. I can wax my bikini and underarms with no issues (weird), but as for my face – I use these eyebrow razors to clean up any hair that may be getting too wild. I’ve had a few friends have great success with laser hair removal, I’m just too paranoid to try it on myself. I’d look up a ton of reviews before going through with it!

I know Winter’s almost over but I’ve also heard that this is the best time to load up on coats and jackets. Do you have any that you’re eyeing? Please share! 

You know I do! See what’s in my carts below –

How are you managing work and planning a wedding? I get married in October and I have nothing planned but the venue. There’s just so many options and I’m finding the process extremely overwhelming. 

I’m not managing it at all LOL. I hired a wedding planner and we’re also still looking at venues, so we haven’t made very much progress – although I do think that we’ve found the one! With everything I have going on, I’m going to have to dedicate time to the wedding planning process. Two apps that have definitely helped me have been The Knot and Wedding Wire. Sign up with both of those and they’ll give you suggested vendors, to-do lists and even discounts.

Can you recommend any good gifts for a sister’s 30th birthday? Something pretty and $100 or less. Thanks!

My sister turned 30 last year and I was torn between buying her jewelry or a trinket that she could wear often and forever, or something she’d been wanting like a pair of heels or a purse. Here’s a good combination of both, all under $100 –

Do you ever come across other women, bloggers, or business owners who obviously copy your style or what you do? And if so, how do you handle it? I’m also a blogger and try to be as transparent as possible similar to you but I find other women I help copying my blog post ideas, the way I edit my photos and so many other things. 

If I had a dollar for every time I ran into another blogger or influencer imitating what I’m doing, writing or teaching – I’d have a whole lot of dollars. It used to annoy me, because I felt like I was fighting to be seen – but I quit caring because it’s out of my control. It all boils down to how secure I am with myself. I trust that what I’m doing is a specific pathway for me to do more of what I dream of. I’m willing to share everything I know because my goal is to help as many people as possible, but just because I share my path with you doesn’t mean that path will lead you to the same destination. I’m a firm believer that what’s meant for me, will be mine regardless of whether or not 100 other girls are doing the same thing. No one can be me, and no one can be you – and that’s just the beauty of individuality. The more you learn to trust that there’s something special about you that no one can replicate, the better off you’ll be.

Thank you for all of the #CoffeeTalk questions! From the comments left on what of my last Instagram pics, I realize how much you guys like these now. Please leave questions for next week down below or shoot them over via email. I’m working on quite a bit but want to be sure I give you guys what you want! Have a great weekend xx

Oahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide

Oahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide

Adidas One-Piece | Adidas NMD Sneakers

Nate surprised me with a trip to Oahu, Hawaii for my birthday and I couldn’t have been more excited. I was under the impression we were going to Mexico, which is one of my favorite places in the world, but Hawaii was definitely on my wish list. I’ve always been detoured because of the 8-hour flight but I had been missing out. Oahu is an island similar to the size of Houston. Honolulu is the capital and Waikiki is the beach in Honolulu. We flew out on a Thursday at 9:30 am and still made it to Hawaii by 2 that afternoon. We were unsure on whether or not we needed to rent a car, but we knew we wanted to explore the island and not be confined to our hotel area. Once we landed, we decided to get a rental and that proved to be a great decision. We checked in at Prince Waikiki, which is a newly renovated resort and it certainly lived up to its name. The hotel lobby was stunning and that didn’t end there, we were greeted with cold face towels and checked in very quickly. Our room was on the 26th floor overlooking the marina and the sunset from it was worth every penny. The hotel rooms are very well thought out and service our entire stay was exceptional. From the telephones having chargers for every phone device just in case you forgot yours, to the toilet seats being heated – the entire room had things I wanted to bring into my own home. I asked for a clothes steamer my first night and they let me keep it my entire stay. They also put water bottles in our fridge daily and gave us a chic black and gold Prince Waikiki bag to carry to the beach or around town with us if we needed somewhere to store towels or items we purchased. Parking was included in the standard hotel fees, unlike some hotels that make you pay per day so we were very relieved to find parking wouldn’t be additional.

Oahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide Oahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide Oahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide

We went down to the pool on the 5th floor and had Mai-Tai’s while the sun set. I’m not the biggest rum drinker, but those drinks weren’t playing! We had enough time to relax, get situated and ready for our dinner later that night. We’d Yelped a handful of restaurants earlier and so many had great reviews, but they were also off of the beach and since we’d missed the sunset we figured we’d try something more in town. A couple we met in the elevator suggested Roy’s and it did not disappoint. I wasn’t too hungry but still got the Misoyaki Butterfish while Nate had Mahi Mahi. Both were delicious. Our waiter at the restaurant suggested that we go to The Study inside of The Modern Hotel for live music. After leaving dinner, we caught the tail end of a guitarist playing Marvin Gay’s “What’s Going On” and I wished we would’ve gotten there earlier. I was loving the old school R&B vibes they had going but was having a hard time adjusting to the time difference. It was midnight in Hawaii, but 4 am Houston time so we decided to call it a night and start fresh in the morning.

Oahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide Oahu, Hawaii | Travel GuideOahu, Hawaii | Travel GuideOahu, Hawaii | Travel GuideSkirt comes in 4 colors | Top | Heels | Lip

Thanks to the time change, I couldn’t sleep past 6 am so we decided to get up and enjoy the day. We knew we had a few places outside of Honululu we wanted to go, and since rain was on the radar everyday of our trip we decided to go to the North Shore because it’s almost always dry. We grabbed coffee + a pastry downstairs at Honolulu Coffee then took off. If you do visit Honolulu, I highly recommend exploring other parts of the island.Oahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide

Red Maxi | also available in three colors hereOahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide

North Shore is mostly known for it’s surf worthy waves and delicious food trucks. We had lunch at Haleiwa Beach House before heading to the beach. They were just opening up but the food was awesome. I had the Kahlua pulled pork grilled cheese and Nate had the salmon sandwich. They also have a seaweed and Parmesan topping you can put on your fries that was so good! Sunset Beach Park is popular and when the tide permits, there’s a cliff you can jump off of. Unfortunately, the waves were way too rough for us to jump off of the cliff or to hardly swim (and I consider myself a pretty good swimmer) so we enjoyed the water from a distance.

Oahu, Hawaii | Travel GuideOahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide

Cover up | Ray Bans on sale for $73 | Similar Espadrilles here and hereOahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide Oahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide Oahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide Oahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide Oahu, Hawaii | Travel GuideBikiniOahu, Hawaii | Travel GuideThe sun getting ready to set from our room

We heard that the Hilton Waikiki has a firework show every Friday at 7:45, so we wanted to get back into town in time to watch that. Barefoot Beach Cafe was said to be one of the best places to catch the show so we took an uber there at about 7 since seating is on a first-come first-serve basis. We ordered two plates of food and a pineapple and spent $52 bucks, so it was a bit pricey for what it was worth. The food was still pretty good and they also had live music so it was a great place to vibe. This famous firework show, wasn’t a show at all. In fact, it was so short that I couldn’t even get my camera out fast enough to snap a photo. We legitimately felt bamboozled, but we were enjoying ourselves so we ended up asking our Uber driver to take us to a karaoke bar. We ended up in a hole in the wall karaoke spot where 4 drinks cost us $20, my kinda party. We stayed there for a while before heading back to the hotel because my allergies were kicking my ass. That was a wrap for day 2.

Oahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide Oahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide Oahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide Oahu, Hawaii | Travel GuideOahu, Hawaii | Travel GuideNike Fly Knit Racers | Sports Bra | ShortsOahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide Oahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide

The next morning we woke up and knew we wanted to go to Lanikai Beach. If you do visit, start with the Pillbox Hike in order to get the best view of the town. It’s pretty easy and only took us about 45 minutes to reach the highest pillbox. The sun over this island is to die for! After the hike we stopped to eat at Kono’s, which is kinda like a Hawaiin Chipotle with bombers or “burritos” and rice bowls. They’re known for their 12-hour slow cooked Kahlua pork and both of our bombers were sooooo good! I think we ate them in record time. We spent the rest of the day drinking at the beach, which was so much prettier and (actually swimmable) than North Shore and we got lucky because the sun would peak out from under the clouds every so often. On our way back to Honolulu we ate at Bob’s Pizzeria, where one slice of pizza is actually 1/4 of a huge NYC style pizza. We had the option to go to two night clubs that night, but I honestly didn’t go all the way to Hawaii to go out. We heard both District and Ginza were good, but we were just fine enjoying ourselves at the hotel. The pool area at our hotel was open 24 hours (MAJOR PERK), so even if we didn’t want to sit in our rooms, we could go down and order drinks, swim, or grab food.

Oahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide Oahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide Oahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide Oahu, Hawaii | Travel GuideBikiniOahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide Oahu, Hawaii | Travel GuideCoverup | Sandals similar here and here

We hadn’t been getting very much sunshine throughout our trip so the next morning we took an early morning swim. The pool area at our hotel was good enough to not need to go to the beach. They had a salt water infinity pool overlooking the marina, a large pool in the middle, a hot tub, a bar and cabanas. We enjoyed our morning before finding a bar to watch the Super Bowl game at since it started at 1 pm in Hawaii. This had to have been one of the funnest things we did! We ended up at Mai Tai Bar, which is an open-concept bar on the third floor of Ala Moana Center, a huge shopping mall. Nate is an Eagles fan, so this was his moment of glory. The bar was already packed when we walked in, but there were two guys sitting at a table with two seats open across the way that I signed Eagles wings at and we laughed. After walking around and not being able to find an open table we were just about to leave when the two Eagles fans I waved at earlier offered us their table. They had happy hour all day long, so we had pitcher after pitcher of beer and ordered wings and fish tacos (which were delicious) and had the best time watching the game. We sat with a Chicago couple that were so much fun and stayed for about an hour after the game was over just chatting.

Oahu, Hawaii | Travel GuideCover up | One PieceOahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide Oahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide

Oahu, Hawaii | Travel GuideOahu, Hawaii | Travel GuideTop | Shorts

That night we forced a dinner at Noi Thai Cuisine after a lot of beer and several shots of Patron, which is why I have no photos to show for it (I looked cute though!). The decor of this restaurant was so pretty and the ambiance was awesome. We weren’t very hungry so we shared some salmon fried rice and crab wontons but the food and service was 5-star. We also spent less than $50, so for it to be a gourmet restaurant, I’d say that’s quite the deal.

Oahu, Hawaii | Travel GuideOahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide Oahu, Hawaii | Travel GuideBikini, similar Here
Oahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide Oahu, Hawaii | Travel GuideOahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide

On our last day in Hawaii our flight didn’t leave till 8:30 pm, but check-out was at 11 am. We tried to be strategic about mapping out our day and knew we wanted to go to one more beach before leaving. I called down and asked about a late check-out and they happily extended our stay until 1. That would give us enough time to head to Waimanalo Beach and still get back in time to shower and get dressed for the day. We arrived at the beach by 9 am and it was pouring rain. I didn’t care, I wanted to soak up all of Hawaii in the time I had left with it. Before we could even reach the water, the rain had stopped – which was so weird. The sun was shining over the water and on different parts of the beach, and behind us it was pitch black. This beach was hands down the prettiest we’d seen and because it’s not a big tourist area, no one was on it except for us. It was beautiful and peaceful. It was literally like being in someone’s backyard with the perfect mix of beach, trees and mountains. The way the clouds would hang over the tops of the mountains was stunning. We swam and laid out for a few hours before having to head back to the hotel.

Oahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide Oahu, Hawaii | Travel GuideRomper, also comes in redOahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide

Since we still had a full day ahead of us, we showered and got ready to check-out. We didn’t make it out of our room until 1:30 and they didn’t once call us and ask us when we’d be out or tell us our time in the room had expired. Our hotel was THAT awesome. They held our bags for us so that we could explore the city before our flight. We grabbed a quick lunch upstairs at the bar of 100 Sails. The restaurant was so pretty it make us regret not eating there one of the nights for dinner. We decided to visit Pearl Harbor and I’m so glad we did. It was one of my favorite movies growing up but to see it with my own eyes was really moving. We took the free tour where they show you a quick 15 minute video in a theater on the history of Pearl Harbor and then take you out on the water over the USS Arizona, which is still sitting where it landed after the attack. Most of the men from inside that ship were never removed. It was a really sentimental and eerie memorial and I loved every second of it.

Oahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide Oahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide Oahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide

After leaving Pearl Harbor, our final stops of the trip were going to be spent eating goodies Hawaii is known for – shaved ice and malasadas, which are like donuts without the hole. Several locals told us the best place for shaved ice was Shimazu Shaved Ice and they were right. The kid size shaved ice looked like an extra large but was SO good! It’s not like the sno-cones we have here in Houston, the ice was shaved so thinly and the flavors were lighter and less sugary but still the perfect amount of sweet. Leonard’s Bakery is famous for their malasadas so we ordered the original, which is just sugar, one cinnamon and one li hing, which is kind of like a sweet and sour version. I’m glad I tasted it, but it had nothing on Shipley’s. I’ll remain loyal to my American donuts LOL.

Oahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide Oahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide Oahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide Oahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide

We made it back to the hotel in time to change our clothes, grab our bags then head to the airport. Oahu has so many other things that are worthwhile that we didn’t get around to doing like Electric Beach (known for its sea turtles, so bring fins and a snorkel!), Pipeline Beach, Chinaman’s Hat, Cockroach Cove, Dole Plantation, Diamond Head Crater Hike, Mermaid Caves, Waimea Bay, and activities like zip lining, luaus, underwater scooters, tours and hikes. What I loved most is that Hawaii felt like I was out of the United States, without the trouble of exchanging currency or not being able to use your phone. I’d heard rumors that Hawaii was pricey and for the most part, it was. You can still have a fairly inexpensive trip depending on what you decide to do and spend your money on during your stay. This isn’t an island where you’ll be bored. I suggest spending at least 5 days, since there is so much to do and the first two days you’ll easily spend trying to adjust to the time. If there are any other questions you have about Oahu, feel free to comment below and I’ll get them answered!

Oahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide Oahu, Hawaii | Travel GuideFloral JumpsuitOahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide

Oahu, Hawaii | Travel Guide

Items Packed but Not Worn:

Weekend Deals

This Rolling Stones graphic tee is something that will be in my wardrobe years from now. Leather skirts, high waist trousers, boyfriend jeans – it works with EVERYTHING!

I’m loving big statement earrings these days. These gold half moon earrings are stunning!

Express has this version of a Chloe bag and it’s so nice! Love the gold chain and suede detailing.

These lace-up leather pumps are similar to a Christian Louboutin pair and are under $65!

The new “A New Day” line at Target has so many cute items! I’m loving these pink suede mules, and these statement earrings!

These black high waist trousers would be perfect for work or girls night out + they’re under $25.

I’m starting to get away from really tight skinny jeans and get more into boyfriend jeans. These are the perfect pair and are $20.

The checkered detail on the side of these black pants are is so cute! Romwe for the win at only $16.99.

This velvet floral kimono is the perfect piece for a versatile wardrobe. It can be worn over jeans and a blouse, open over a dress, or even tied all by itself. Yes plaese!

I have this knotted back sweater in wine and found it for $40 less expensive in gray. Winning!

A black satin cami is a great staple to have to wear under blazers or jackets, or even cardigans for work.

I’m loving Express denim! This pair is perfect for everyday wear.

A sexy white backless one-piece for your next vacation.

How cute are these peach colored trousers? Definitely a look if you add a bralette and blazer.

Now’s the perfect time to stock up on booties for next year, so this red suede pair is on its way to me.

You’ve gotta love a bodysuit you can wear year long. This paneled one is perfect for a pencil skirt, denim or leather pants.

Winter may be coming to an end but I’m not over sweater dresses yet, especially one I can bring into spring with sneakers.


I love your style, so wanted to get your thoughts on some looks for Coachella. Yes, I know I am planning a bit early but super excited. I am thinking a flower child vibe for one day and an edgy look for another. Any suggestions?

I’ve never been to Coachella, big crowds make me anxious – but I always live for the looks I see on social media. When I think about the festival, I think about destroyed denim, flower crowns, graphic tees, leather jackets, and lots of booties. This page has a ton of inspo photos. Here are some options for you to start with and build onto – have fun!

You always dress super nice for special events. I’m headed to a rooftop wedding in DC at the end of March. I’m sure it’ll be beautiful but also pretty cold still. What are some looks you would wear if you were going?

It’s always hard to tell exactly what you’ll be able to wear to an outdoor wedding until the day of. Will it be too cold for a split or do I need a fur? I’m sure they’ll have heaters, but I’d go with a long sleeve dress just to play it safe and if possible, heavier material. For whatever reason, my legs can bare the cold much better than any other part of my body. Here are some wedding-ready options, as well as some faux furs to carry you through if necessary. Enjoy!

I’m wanting to move to the DC area by the end of this year from California. I went to the DC area a year ago on vacation and loved it. I’m currently single, born and raised in California with no luck on the pool of men here. Do you think it’s a dumb idea to move to find love?

I wouldn’t call it a dumb idea, I’m just a firm believer that when it’s meant to be, love will find you regardless of your location. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand where men were raised and live has a lot to do with how they approach dating. I’m certain people still find love and get married in California, but from what I’ve experienced in LA, people are there for opportunities, not relationships. DC may seem like an extreme change of pace in your favor, but also keep in mind a lot of people are in DC specifically for professional reasons and are there to propel their careers, particularly those of us young and black. It seems like the perfect place to go and find an educated man with a job and flourishing career. But keep in mind, they’re probably focused specifically on growth and establishing themselves and less on settling down – especially if they’re in their 20’s. I had a few male friends from Texas that moved to DC for business reasons after college and had little luck with dating. They were handsome, educated, had nice apartments and cars, but found it difficult to build solid relationships with women who were there to solely build a career. If you can be patient, I say go for it! I dated a ton before finding a great fit, so disappointment and break-ups will naturally come with it. It’s all apart of the process. If you’re planning to move, make sure it’s a place you can also grow mentally, professionally and personally up until you find love!

How old were you when you moved out? Did you feel pressed to move out after graduating college? And lastly, what did you do to prepare yourself to move out?

Well, I technically never “moved out”. I come from a single parent household, so after my older sister moved out my freshman year of college, I found a townhouse I really loved and moved into it with my mom. At the time, it was the perfect setup for me because I really wanted the townhouse, but couldn’t afford it fully on my own. I finished college and was very comfortable where I was with no desire to move. Mind you, my mom and I very much so have a sister type relationship and less of a mother and daughter relationship, so I never felt the need to leave my townhouse or live alone. Living with my mom worked out great for me because we split everything, so I got to live in the townhouse I loved, while still being able to put money up. I saved a lot of money by staying “home” instead of paying everything by myself, while still being able to shop, travel, etc. And I mean A LOT, of money. I still technically “live at home” although it’s my townhouse so to answer your question, I prepared to move out by being able to financially build a house from the ground up when it was time for me to do so, so I’m glad I stayed put as long as I did! If you can comfortably stay home, do it! Nothing amounts to being able to stack your money for when the time is right. Don’t let society pressure you into taking on more responsibility than you need to just because you’ve graduated or are a certain age. Do it when you’re comfortable and can financially afford to do it.

We’re throwing one of my best friends a surprise birthday party and I’ve gotten so caught up in planning everything, that I haven’t gotten a dress. The theme is “Sexy, Flirty, Thirty”, do you have any suggestions??

I know that exact feeling. I planned a surprise birthday for my sisters 30th and was overnighting a dress two days before! Here are some options for you –

Do you ever feel insecure and have to give yourself positive affirmations? You always look confident and I think I need to work on looking confident and speaking affirmations to myself.

All the time! Overall, I’m a pretty confident girl. I’m not easily broken down and I trust that I can do anything I set my mind to. I let very little outside influence get to me, but that’s just my personality. There are definitely times where I doubt or second guess myself, or even start to feel guilty for not being at a certain point in my life already – especially when it comes to seeing others build their brands much more rapidly than me. When I feel like there are things I lack, I ask myself why I’m feeling that way. Then I will talk to myself as if I already have or have already accomplished it. If I’m feeling like I’m being looked over, I’ll repeat things like “opportunities I’ve been wishing for area headed my way”. If I’m feeling like I’m being ugly to the people I care about, I’ll repeat things like “I’m becoming slow to respond and quick to listen”. I’m a firm believer that what we continually think, we bring more of. If you’re constantly thinking negatively about yourself and your life, that’s what you’ll continue to receive. Twitter pages like Daily Affirmations is a great way to start implementing positive thoughts into your lifestyle.

Do you have any podcasts you enjoy listening to? Please share!

My favorite podcasts are How I Built This, Making Oprah, Making Obama, Smart Passive Income, Side Hustle Pro and The Potter’s Touch.

Your curls have turned completely around in what seems like just a few months! I know you have already, but please share your routine and products with us again. 

Honestly, I haven’t cared for them as much as I should’ve – the main thing I did was keep heat completely off of it. I deep condition every other week using this and my Q-redew. The products my hair is really loving right now are all below!

How far have you gotten in wedding planning? Keep us updated sis!

LOL! I have gotten absolutely nothing done. We’re still trying to find a venue. We’ve found some that are nice, but nothing that we’re in love with. The ones we’re in love with, will easily cost us $50K+, so we’re going back and forth about a lot. In the next few months I literally need to find outfits for our engagement photos, book them, take them, get save the dates made – book a venue, officially extend invitations to my bridesmaids and his groomsmen, think of bridal shower ideas, and about 1000 other things. Once we get the ball rolling I’ll definitely keep you guys posted, but until then, wish us luck!

Thank you for all of the questions! I’m still recovering from Hawaii but plan to jump back into work mode this weekend. Send any questions for next week to me via email or comment down below. I hope you guys have a great weekend!

Valentines Day Outfit Inspo

I understand Valentines Day isn’t a major holiday for a lot of lovers, but I do believe that any excuse to be intentionally sweet or sexy for your significant other is a good occasion. I probably won’t be celebrating next Wednesday night because ya girl has a 10 pm bedtime, but I do plan to do a nice date night that weekend. Whether you’re going out, staying in, or celebrating with your girl friends – here are some super cute Valentines Day options!

Sam Edelman Pom Pom Pumps, also come in red | Red Lacey Bodysuit | White Mesh Panel Midi Dress | Pink Floral Romper | Rose Gold High Heel | Urban Decay Nude Eyeshadow Palette | Black Mesh Teddy | Pink Waffle Knit Tulip Top | Red Ruffled Bodysuit | White Long Sleeve Open Back Dress | Two Perfect NARS Lip Shades | Pink Cold Shoulder Long Sleeve Dress | Love Me Tee | Black Asymmetrical Midi Dress | Pink Bow-Back Blouse | Red Wide Leg Romper | Red Bell Sleeve Tie-Up Shirt | Pink Caged Bralette and Matching Panties | Magenta Romper | Steve Madden Red Heel | Pink Tassled Earrings | Red Tassled Long Sleeve Midi