Ball is Life | Nike x NBA

Ball is Life | Nike x NBA Sportswear

In one of my first Style Guide’s that I put together, I wore a classic pair of white mid-top Air Force 1’s while dishing on how sneakers were my initial style influence. Since I was a teenager, my style has evidently evolved. One thing that hasn’t changed, is how fearless, unique and unapologetic I feel in a pair of sneakers. There’s something so nostalgic about wearing my natural curls, putting on my home teams jersey and a pair of fresh Air Forces that reminds me of how authenticity shaped the woman I am now. To me, Air Force 1’s and basketball jerseys remind me of how confident I was as a young girl; certain about what I believed in and wanted, and I’ve gone on to get it. Nike has recrafted a classic and released the Icon Edition Swingman jersey along with an NBA collection of low top Air Force 1’s, jerseys and gear and I couldn’t resist taking part in that.

Ball is Life | Nike x NBA SportswearBall is Life | Nike x NBA SportswearBall is Life | Nike x NBA Sportswear

I currently still have a collection of over 70 pairs of sneakers I can’t seem to let go of, including over 20 pairs of Air Forces, so the obsession is still real. Whether you’re playing or just a fan, the game of basketball can inspire you on the road to achievement. What makes the new AF-1 Low different is that it’s NBA dedication honors the drive and hustle it takes to reach your dreams on the court and beyond in everyday life. The new look features an exaggerated Swoosh logo that pays homage to Nike Basketball’s humble beginnings. The timeless Jerry West NBA logo is seen on the heel, while team colors help further showcase your team pride and the detailed Nike printed laces are a nice touch.

Ball is Life | Nike x NBA SportswearBall is Life | Nike x NBA SportswearBall is Life | Nike x NBA SportswearBall is Life | Nike x NBA Sportswear

There’s an NBA jersey for every team, but I’m a Houston girl, so it’s only right I style a Rockets jersey for a morning at Root Memorial Square Park. The city is in the part of the season where you’ll freeze if you’re standing in the shade, but break a sweat if you’re in the sun. Luckily, this new jersey has Dri-FIT Technology that wicks sweat away from your skin to help you stay dry. I live for versatility so I decided on a medium men’s jersey so that I could wear it oversized with denim for a tomboy look, or as a dress with a denim jacket over it for a more girly look. For a Sunday morning at the court, the tomboy look was much more fitting.

Ball is Life | Nike x NBA Sportswear Ball is Life | Nike x NBA SportswearBall is Life | Nike x NBA Sportswear

I felt so at-home in this sneaker + jersey look and it gave me the same joy it did as a teenager. I specifically remember lacing up a fresh pair of Air Force’s while plotting on how I could take over the opportunities in front of me. I spent an entire decade revolving my style around Nike releases and although I rarely get the opportunity to wear NBA jerseys and Air Force 1’s these days, I’m looking forward to dusting off some of my favorites and rotating them into my wardrobe. What are some of your Nike favorites?

Photos by: @FarranWeezy

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Coffee Talk | The B Werd

I have a question for coffee talk, I’m really wanting to buy the Cartier Love bracelet for my graduation present for getting my masters. It’s $6,300 I just don’t know if it’s worth it for the long run. Do you like those bracelets and do you think it’s worth it? 

I love Cartier Love bracelets, as well as the rings but it is incredibly hard for me to justify spending $6,300 on it. There are so many other luxury items you could purchase for $6300 or less that would give you more value. Consider a classic solid Givenchy bag or a nice Movado watch. Personally, I’d need something more noticeable that I could wear consistently to spend that kind of money. Luxury consignment shops like TheRealReal have gently used Cartier bracelets for a bit cheaper, so look into those if you insist on having one.

I’m single and many of my friends are getting married, starting families, the whole 9. I have one friend who constantly propositions the single friends about marriage. Did you get any of those questions when you were single? Do you feel a way about your single friends now that you’re engaged?

Honestly, no one questioned me about settling down when I was single… Probably because they never thought that I would LOL. All of my close friends except for one is in a relationship, so being single was just kinda how we rolled. We had other priorities and weren’t pressed to find love or get married. My older sister genuinely wanted marriage for me, but not for any other reason than to be happy. I will never ever be one of those women who think that marriage or being engaged is an elite club that only special women get to get into. Marriage is a blessing, but it’s also real work, so I don’t knock any of my single friends for not being there just yet. Their time will come, and when it does I’ll be happy for them. If it doesn’t, I’ll still be happy for them because single women can be just as fulfilled as a married woman.

I live in Dallas and am looking for a cute winter coat since it gets a bit colder here than Texas is used to. I’d prefer something under $200 and also versatile, so that I can throw it on with tights and sneakers or dress it up with heels. 

I’ve been loving puffer coats lately. This one, this one, and this one are all different lengths, but cute and under $200. You also can’t go wrong with a peacoat or trench.

I have four close girl friends and want to gift them all this Christmas, but I’m a terrible gifter. Any ideas on what to get women ages 24 to 26?

A good gift to me is something that I’d want for myself LOL. Here are some items I think they’d all love.

Can you help me find a work party dress for a curvy girl? My husbands coworkers are all conservative older men, but I want to stay true to myself. Sexy but respectful. 

I’d be happy to help! Here are some of my picks –

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not working? 

Sleep! Seriously though, I’m tired all the time. I also like to read, a lot. If I get enough free time, I try and learn something new. Research things I’ve been wanting to learn more about or Google how to do something I’ve been wanting to do.

A short and sweet coffee talk for you guys! I’m hoping to wrap up some major projects at work before celebrating Thanksgiving this upcoming week. I’ll have a really good round-up of gift guides and Black Friday deals coming your way. Any specific questions about holidays, new year game plans or gift ideas, leave them below or send them over via email!

5 Fall Basics That Never Go Out of Style

Because Fall lasts for such a short amount of time in the South, I try not to overbuy items I won’t get to wear. Instead, I tend to buy basics I can pull out every year, rotate together, and wear over and over again. I definitely have staples in my closet that I lean towards as soon as the temperature drops because I know they haven’t gone out of style. The key is to build a wardrobe with staple pieces that will come back season after season. I typically splurge a little more when it comes to classics because I know well-made pieces will last me at least a decade.

Below are 5 Fall basics I keep in rotation, that never go out of style.


Turtlenecks are so chic, in my opinion. I love their silhouette and wearing them with a sleek ponytail or low bun paired with a colored lip. They don’t have to be simple. I have a few with cold shoulders, pearls along the sleeves or turtleneck bodysuits that flow seamlessly with any outfit.

5 Fall Favorites That Don't Go Out of Style | The B Werd

Black Booties

They’re simple and classic. One pair could be enough, and 10 pairs can all still be unique. Regardless, you need a pair. Preferably comfortable that can be slipped on with denim or a dress and worn without killing your feet.

5 Fall Favorites That Don't Go Out of Style | The B Werd

Cozy Knitted Sweater

These don’t have to be expensive, but always look pricey. H&M has a few of my favorites but a neutral colored knitted sweater can be worn alone or under jackets.

5 Fall Favorites That Don't Go Out of Style | The B Werd

Khaki Trench Coat

A trench coat is a classic that both men and women should own. It pairs effortlessly with almost anything and is the perfect outerwear piece that can be dressed down with sneakers or thrown over a dress and heels. I prefer mine to be on the longer side but I rounded up a few options for you to choose from.

5 Fall Favorites That Don't Go Out of Style | The B Werd

Dark Denim

Dark denim is a universally forgiving style that looks great on everyone. I prefer mine to be high-waisted and skinny because it gives more versatility. Having a good pair (meaning quality, not necessarily price) of dark wash jeans is a wardrobe essential.

5 Fall Basics That Don't Go Out of Style | The B Werd

What is your favorite Fall basic you can’t live without? Comment below

World Series Parade From the Sky | Flying with Emily Roggenburk

World Series Parade From a Helicopter | The B Werd

I personally had no plans to attend the parade. I had to work and crowds that big aren’t my thing, but when Emily Roggenburk reached out to me on Instagram and introduced the idea of flying over the parade in order to capture it, it was impossible for me to say no. Emily is an aerial photographer from Cleveland who was flying to Houston specifically to capture the parade. Nate and I met Emily at the Pearland Regional Airport where we’d be flying out of. I was hoping for sunshine but the weather was a little cloudy. I’d never flown in a helicopter before, but ironically I wasn’t nervous. The pilot warned us that no doors would no on the helicopter and that anything we put outside of the doors would definitely fly out of our hands.

World Series Parade From a Helicopter | The B WerdWorld Series Parade From a Helicopter | The B WerdWorld Series Parade From a Helicopter | The B Werd World Series Parade From a Helicopter | The B Werd World Series Parade From a Helicopter | The B Werd

I’m not big on sports, but the World Series was something I wanted the Astros to win so badly. Houston has had one hell of a year with Harvey dismantling so much of the city’s normalcy. As much as we had devastation, we had twice as much help, compassion and support. Houston has shown admirable resiliency, so even if the Astros aren’t your team, it’d be hard to say that the city didn’t deserve this. The World Series parade was something the entire city was going to show up for. It was so serious that school districts were cancelling school on Friday. We’d never won one before and the timing couldn’t have been more impeccable.

World Series Parade From a Helicopter | The B WerdWorld Series Parade From a Helicopter | The B Werd

Taking off was completely different than a plane and the wind was something serious. If you do take a helicopter ride, I suggest having your hair secured. Flying over my city itself was such a memorable experience. Seeing staples like Minute Maid park, the Astrodome and Toyota Center from that angle was surreal. The streets downtown were covered in tiny orange dots for dozens of blocks. People literally looked like gumballs filling the streets.

Here are some aerial photos from my time in the sky –

World Series Parade From a Helicopter | The B WerdWorld Series Parade From a Helicopter | The B WerdWorld Series Parade From a Helicopter | The B WerdWorld Series Parade From a Helicopter | The B Werd World Series Parade From a Helicopter | The B Werd World Series Parade From a Helicopter | The B Werd World Series Parade From a Helicopter | The B Werd

Emily was seriously SO sweet! We instantly felt like friends. I’m amazed at the opportunities to meet amazing people there are on the internet. To learn more about Emily or to purchase one of her prints, visit her website here:

Weekend Deals

Weekend Deals | The B Werd

These black studded over-the-knee boots are so cute! I wish Winter in Houston lasted longer than 30 days.

This oversized knit midi dress would be perfect over a peacoat with boots.

I’ll never buy Ruby Woo again thanks to this NYX Matte shade.

I love these striped wide-leg pants!

H&M jeans fit me so well and are so inexpensive. I just picked this pair up in-store.

I live in turtlenecks when it’s colder. This one has lace arms I can’t get over.

A chic white button-up blazer from Forever21 so $32.

Steve Madden taupe sock booties for only $53 are my perfect pair of shoes LOL.

Have y’all gotten familiar with Quay sunglasses? I’m on my second pair.

The brim on this fedora is perfection. Considering splurging on it!

Save 20% at Macy’s using code “SAVEBIG”. I got these Jessica Simpson booties for $80.

A brown shaded camo jacket on sale for $40.

Saks is having a sale! Up to 40% and no code required.

Nordstrom is also having a sale with some reallllly good items like this French Connection turtleneck dress and these black Topshop jeans.

Baublebar has 20% off this weekend so I went ahead and ordered this chunky necklace I’d been eyeing.

This self-tie top is so my style, especially the way the model’s wearing it.

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