Favorite Vacay Looks Under $100

Favorite Vacay Looks under $100 | The B Werd

I have three trips planned in the next 30 days so I’ve been doing way more shopping than usual. It’d been a few months since I’d made any new purchases so beyond me feeling deprived, it seems that everything this season is cuter than normal. I rounded up my most recent vacay purchases just in case you have one planned as well. From denim cut-off’s to bikini’s… The best part is, every item is under $100.

Weekend Deals

Weekend Deals | The B Werd

Adding this bikini to my collection, especially since it’s on sale for $24. The details are what make even the tiniest bikini stand out.

I’d been looking for a good pair of white denim cut off’s for the Summer and these fit the bill. They fit

I love the color of this light lilac blazer. It’s ideal for Summer time to be worn with denim cut-off’s or to work with a dress or pencil skirt.

The only time I ever really shop with Revolve is when I find good items on sale and right now they have a ton. I love this “Love Me Forever” satin bomber and this sexy satin midi dress that’s now only $60.

Pencil skirts are my thing since I’m so petite, they really give me some additional curves. This front slit denim skirt got delivered to me last week and I’m taking it to LA with me. What I like most is that I can wear it with a graphic tee and sneakers or a bodysuit and heels.

I just ordered this one shoulder bikini for my next vacay. Detailed simplicity is my thing and white compliments me so well once I’m tanned.

I’m currently on my third color of this plunging lace-up tee. It’s a basic that should be in your wardrobe.

I’ve been wanting one of these destroyed graphic tees for the longest and love the v-neck cut into this.

I know it’s 90 degrees outside but I collect coats for the winter year round. This mustard coat is calling my name! Colored coats are such staples and really complete basic outfits.

Express has been making some of my favorite jeans as of late. The best part of that they’re under $90 and still give you a designer feel. I got several compliments on this pair. I also bought this black distressed pair that fits perfectly but I haven’t had the chance to wear them just yet.

I used this setting spray in Jamaica for the first time and am crazy about it. It has 30 SPF and keeps your make-up in tact all day.

These wide leg pants are perfect for a nice dinner, girls night out or even dressing up at the office. The gray tone is so chic.

The perfect floral vacation off the shoulder top for under $20.

I discovered this brand Mae in Nordstrom and love their lace bras and panties. All of their items are on Amazon for a fraction of the price and I’m excited about that lol.

Two books I added to my read list are You Are a Badass and The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, not that I needed the help lol.

You really shouldn’t be paying over $50 for bathing suits. This strappy bikini is so cute and only $12.

This bandeau detail silk cami looks so pricey and is only $50. Silk details add elegance to everything.

Another floral romper to add to my vacation wardrobe collection. Because I’m tiny I look for tie waists to get an accurate fit.

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Health is Wealth | My Fitness Journey

Health is Wealth | My Fitness Journey

I’ve been hesitant to speak up about the recent lifestyle changes I’ve made in regards to my health for several reasons. The main one being that I’m not a fitness or food blogger to where I’d feel comfortable enough sharing workouts or healthy recipes I was making with my audience. The changes I made were obviously enough for all of you all to notice and question me about it often enough to where I felt compelled to finally enlighten all of you with what’s been working for me. I feel really amazing and in my opinion, I look the best that I ever have all because I made some small changes in my diet and lifestyle. Hopefully this will spark a fire in you that will make you want to feel and look your best.

What sparked the change?

Realistically speaking, I’ve never needed to workout or watch what I ate and I was perfectly healthy. For the past 26 years I could down cheeseburgers, pasta, wings and fries (a few of my favorite things) and still button up size 2 pants without a problem. One morning back in October, I couldn’t sleep. I woke up with my mind racing at 4 a.m. and after laying in bed for an hour I decided to get up and go for a run. Prior to that morning, you couldn’t pay me to be up before my alarm at 6:30, but this particular morning I felt good and was so glad I had got a good sweat in. I felt refreshed. I was up before everyone else getting my thoughts in order so that I could take advantage of my day once I got it started. That morning turned into the next, and several mornings after that until I thought to myself, “why wouldn’t you want to be better?”. Working out and changing my diet was never necessarily about losing weight or gaining a six pack; it was honestly a mind over matter concept about pushing all of my limits. If I can get better mentally and financially, why wouldn’t I want to improve physically? Once I started to actually visually see the changes, I was dedicated. I realized that I didn’t have to be unhealthy to live a healthier lifestyle. I could excel in all areas, including taking control of my physique.

Where did you start?

I started by making the time to spend at least an hour working out at least four times a week. I have a gym where I live and I realize others may not, but believe me you don’t need one. My workouts consist of two miles cardio, whether that be the treadmill, elliptical or stair master. 20 minutes is my minimum and if I need more, I don’t quit before I hit two miles. I rotate between full-body, legs and butt, abs, and arm and back training and honestly, all of my workouts were found on Instagram. I don’t believe in spending money on gyms or trainers if I don’t need them and at this point, I don’t. What I do know is that cardio is not enough to create the change I wanted to see in my body. Running without muscle training isn’t cute. I was already skinny, so cardio helped show the muscle I was building, but training my muscles was what gave me the noticeable results. I was originally only using my bodyweight in exercises until I quit feeling the burn in those. Once I felt comfortable enough, I began using medicine balls or dumbbells and then eventually barbells. My favorite girls to follow for workout videos are @stef_fit_, @krissycela, and @meggan_fit_music. I suggest following women with body types similar to you, who also look like your fitness goals.

What has it taught you?

Outside of the benefits everyone tells you to expect, like feeling more energy and enjoying your body more, it’s taught me a valuable lesson in discipline. When you’re changing your body by working out and eating better it’s you against you. It’s especially difficult to pick chicken and veggies over a Popeyes $5 box because I know I can have the $5 box and it won’t hurt me. Cutting sugary drinks, eating more healthy grains, and leaner meats showed in my skin and in my physique. My skin was clearer, my stomach less bloated and I was sleeping better. I was more productive throughout the day and felt like I could accomplish anything. There isn’t always going to be someone to direct you with what you should and shouldn’t be eating, or to make sure you finish that last set of squats. If I decide I’m ordering a burger instead of a salad, or skip out on a workout when I know I should be in the gym, no one will care. Whatever I decide to do directly affects me and when I make a decision that sells myself short I’m only hurting myself. You shouldn’t need someone to hold you accountable in order for you to do the things you know are going to make you better.

“Cheating yourself will never breed results.”

Where should I start?

Start by making small changes. Even for someone as tiny as me, it took a lot of time, discipline and patience (at least 4-5 months) before I started to see real results. I didn’t know much about nutrition and originally just looked at calorie count. When grocery shopping, I looked for whole grains like wheat bread, brown rice, quinoa, and whole wheat or veggie pasta options. I also opted for more fresh veggies and lean meats like lean ground turkey, chicken or proteins like salmon, shrimp or other fish. I never ate breakfast before this year but if you’re going to spend your calories anywhere, it should be on breakfast. I try to do something light, but protein based like an egg white scramble with spinach and tomatoes, oatmeal with cinnamon, brown sugar and a scoop of peanut butter, a protein shake, or even a Morning Star Farms breakfast sandwich. Drink a lot of water. This kept me full longer and also did wonders for making my skin glow. Don’t skip meals. So many people think that if they eat less, they’ll look better. Your body needs proper nutrition to fuel your metabolism and build your muscles (carbs + protein). I eat way more now than I ever have (I’m literally hungry all day long), the only difference is I’m choosing better options. Utilize MyFitnessPal to enter your fitness goals and track what you’re eating. It allows you to decipher whether you’re trying to lose or gain weight, counts your calories and even breaks down your nutrition into macros. Even if I decide to have a cheat meal, I track it to make sure I don’t go too far over my calorie count.

If you have any specific questions about what workouts I started with, what my favorite weeknight meals are or anything concerning this little fitness journey I’m on (LOL) please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I want you to have this feeling too! I can’t promise you any workout videos or fancy recipe photos, but I’ll help you best I can. Get it girls xx

Suede Pencil Skirt | Style Guide

Suede Pencil Skirt | Style Guide | The B Werd
I’m well aware that you all don’t get too many details of my corporate life Monday through Friday and that’s not intentional. My life as a blogger + side hustler is completely separate from my 9-5 and while I’m passionate about both, I work really hard to not only excel at my day job but to build a career that I’ll continue to love for years to come. Some days are redundant; get in, grab a cup of coffee, sit down at my desk and get to work. Others are all over the place with me running in and out of the office to different events, or setting up an event of my own somewhere around town. Not everyday is glamorous, but I do believe that feeling good is directly correlated to how you feel when you’re dressed.

Suede Pencil Skirt | Style Guide | The B WerdSuede Pencil Skirt | Style Guide | The B Werd

I work for a large firm, but there’s a family feel and we have a very casual dress code where jeans are allowed daily, but I just can’t go that route. I “dress up” about three times a week depending on what I have going on. My work wardrobe consists of mostly neutrals, black, white, navy and gray and varies between blouses, blazers, slacks, dresses and pencil skirts. Neutrals don’t mean boring. This suede pencil skirt is the perfect example of how a simple piece and a staple piece can coexist. I picked it up at H&M which is  easily one of my go-to’s for work clothes. The quality is amazing for the price and all the items I’ve gotten from there have lasted me years.

Suede Pencil Skirt | Style Guide | The B WerdSuede Pencil Skirt | Style Guide | The B Werd

This ruffled button-up is another example of a simple statement. A crisp white shirt will always be in style and will always go perfectly with a pencil skirt. ASOS has my favorite selection, which is where I got this from. I pretty much only wear closed toed heels to work so these Saks suede pumps are an essential for me. I have them in both navy and black and they’re currently 50% off.

Suede Pencil Skirt | Style Guide | The B WerdSuede Pencil Skirt | Style Guide | The B WerdSuede Pencil Skirt | Style Guide | The B Werd

Cute work clothes don’t have to be pricey. Some of my favorite pieces have been found on sale at Banana Republic, J. Crew and Express. I’ve gotten a few requests to share more of my business style, so you all can look forward to that. As for today, I’m off to a clay shoot LOL so there are no high heels in sight. Have a productive day babes!

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Pop of Pink | Style Guide

Pop of Pink | Style Guide | The B Werd
It’s officially Spring and we’ve surprisingly enjoyed some cooler weather this week. This week ended a busy season for me so I’m finally feeling refreshed, like I’m up above water again and have caught my breath (for the most part). I got the chance to get out and enjoy dinner on a patio on Tuesday night in Rice Village at D’Amico’s Italian Market Cafe which has the cutest outdoor if the weather permits you being able to sit outside. Not to mention some delicious and authentic Italian food with a family feel. I definitely suggest checking it out if you’re ever in the area. I threw on all white with a pop of pink for the outing.

Pop of Pink | Style Guide | The B WerdPop of Pink | Style Guide | The B WerdPop of Pink | Style Guide | The B Werd

I recognize the cliche behind not wearing white before Easter, which is why I may have gotten some blank stares at the restaurant but I’ve never been one to consider rules into my outfit choices. By the way, all white outfits and Italian food don’t go very well together. I purchased this pair of Paige denim last summer during a Nordstrom sale. I preach this all the time but denim is one thing I will splurge on. Paige is one of the brand’s that fit perfectly every time, aren’t stiff and don’t lose their quality or shape after several wears.

Pop of Pink | Style Guide | The B WerdPop of Pink | Style Guide | The B WerdPop of Pink | Style Guide | The B Werd

I’ve always been a fan of knit sweaters. For one they keep you warm in the winter, and two they’re breathable enough to wear in warmer temperatures with a bralette underneath. This white sweater was one of my on-sale finds from H&M last week, where I also picked one up in olive and coral. I of course, couldn’t put on a pair of neutral colored shoes, so I went with pink and a lip to match. My suede pumps are Manolo Blahnik and easily the most comfortable pair of heels that I own. I bought them because they’re a classic but understand the price point is a bit high. I linked some similar pairs below that are just as cute.

Pop of Pink | Style Guide | The B WerdPop of Pink | Style Guide | The B Werd

I’ve got a weekend lined up of yoga, birthday celebrations and then a quick trip to Dallas but #CoffeeTalk questions will be up per usual tomorrow. Send any last minute questions over via email or comment below!

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